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Back and Better?

A few months ago, I lost my website.

I cannot describe how I have felt since it happened and I honestly do not want to go into the detail. Even though I could have done things differently at the time, and maybe tried to save it, it was a struggle I guess I was not willing to have. Everything I had worked on and tried to create was lost. I practically gave up.

These few months, I have struggled to find my place in society, career and life generally. It has not been easy and to be honest, I have not figured it out. Still,  here I am. Trying again to do what I love and still find a place here. It is still not easy but I am hoping it is worth it.

So welcome back to the Harry Itie website. If it is your first time, be ready to come on a journey with me on life, love, career and the things that get me excited (and piss me off). If you are a regular, you know how we do.

Here is to new beginnings. The boy is back and he is not here to play!

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