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The Dominic Oneya Foundation is here to build communities

Dominic Oneya is many things to many people. To some, he is a former military personnel, who later was the administrator of Kano and Benue States while to others he is the former chairman of the Nigeria Football Association.  However, to many he is a philanthropist, helping others at their lowest and empowering them to be productive members of the society.

It is to this end that The Dominic Oneya Foundation is here. Inspired by the good he has done over time, the foundation is determined to see to the progress of the underprivileged children, youths, families and the development of the society.

Speaking with his son, Anthony Oneya, at the launch of the Foundation, he said they are focusing on youth empowerment through agriculture, education and sports. He added that the scholarships will be inclusive of not just young people but also single mothers who can use it as an avenue to find support to complete their education.

In a society where people holding public offices are notorious for not impacting their local communities, Dominic Oneya and his family are doing what many of his peers should be doing; using their influence to help not just the new generation of leaders but the society as a while. Speaking with the Retired Brigadier General himself, he emphasised the importance of philanthropy not only from an organisational point of view but from an individual perspective; adding that to whom much is given much is expected.

The foundation won’t be working in isolation as they intend to partner with the government and local NGOs to carry out interventions were necessary. A Sports Clinic is currently being set up to develop the athletic talents of young people across the country. The head office is located in Delta state and representative offices will be set up in Lagos, Kano and Beune states.

For more information on the foundation or if you would like to donate/volunteer, visit the official website.

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