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The Harry Minute 083: Skinny Girl In Transit – Season 4 Review #SGIT

The fourth season of Skinny Girl in Transit just wrapped up and as a die hard fan that I am, I had to do a review.

Listen, comment and share.

  • Soooooo, we will fight you Harry. Wosi’s character adds just a little flavour to Tiwa’s mum’s displays oh.
    Although I agree we can do without the Dad I think we can keep Wosi.

  • At first I was disappointed in Tiwa because she did a similar thing in a prior season (meeting up with an ex and ruining her relationship with her BF played by Kenneth Okolie). I felt like upon all her total makeover and taking charge of her health she still repeated the same offense. I was still rooting for her regardless.
    Wosilat adds some comic relief and complements Mama Tiwa in a way but I agree that if they are not putting any effort into developing her character she does not need to be featured every episode. I think Tiwa’s father’s brief appearances served a purpose as he appeared each time his daughters were in crisis/pain caused by the men in their lives. It solidifies the father in his role as the #1 male in his daughters lives. I think it’s fine to feature him once in a while if it moves or adds to the storyline. The only critique I have about Tiwa’s father in the show is that he rarely interacts with Mama Tiwa. That would be an interesting dynamic. Shalewa really grew up this season, it was nice to see her be a great sister to Tiwa. Overall it really was a great and emotionally stimulating season.

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