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The Harry Minute 085: 5 Lessons I Learnt From The Nigerian Pop Culture Space In 2017

2018 is almost here!!!!

I am so excited that 2017 has finally come to an end and you know I wasn’t going to leave you without dropping one more episode of The Harry Minute for the road. So, these are 5 lessons Nigerian Pop Culture has taught me this past year.

Enjoy, comment and please share 🙂

    • Nonso Amadi is still not mainstream. Small Doctor has been buzzing since 2015 and while Penalty is his biggest song yet, I won’t call him a breakout artiste. He was even nominated for The Headies in 2016.

      • Maybe I dont know what “breakout” means then. I was thinking; if you had a popular hit or hits for the 1st time then you broke out.

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