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On Exes and Love Lost

The first thing I would like to say as I start writing this is I have no idea what this piece/article/essay is supposed to be about. I practically got out of bed and decided to put my thoughts down and I hope whatever this is, makes sense at the end.



I think I realized how much I was obsessed with the idea of romance during my secondary days. I don’t know if I can blame it on the tons of Disney content I consumed as a child or the fact that I spent my childhood listening to R&B music. Whatever the case, by high school, I knew that romance was something I wanted. I wanted to love and be loved passionately as portrayed in the media. I longed for a connection with someone on a deeper and more intimate level. So in 2005 when I met someone who somehow managed to fit into the box I created, I was over the moon. I had finally met someone that I really loved and even though we had a rocky relationship, I can say that they still have the keys to my heart in a weird way.


After that relationship, I started to focus on different things. There was my university education and I was also trying to be a very dedicated Christian. It wasn’t the easiest thing cause the heart wants what it wants but I decided that there were far more important things than being in love and in a relationship. From that phase, it evolved into a space where I was trying to be intentional about who I would end up with. I started to tap into my sexuality and sensuality and I needed someone who could fit in perfectly. I also had my self-esteem issues – this I have talked about countless times – and I need a guarantee that whoever I decide to be with won’t leave me for someone hotter, richer or younger.


Such a weird flex.


It was only in 2015, 10 years after the first relationship that I got into another serious relationship. I would say it was from that point that emotions, feelings and everything that comes with making a decision to be with someone became an actual thing in my life. Since then, the experiences have been bitter-sweet. I have had great times with amazing people who I still care deeply for and I have also struggled to love them in the ways that they deserved to love. I have also felt like in some cases, I didn’t get love to the degree that I wanted or thought I deserved. Whatever the case is, these relationships have left me thinking, not only of the good times but also of the mistakes made.


Through this introspection, I realize that communication is what was missing. It is easy to communicate what you want to eat or how you want to spend Christmas. It is easy to banter on what’s trending on Twitter or the latest Nollywood release. But when it came to the crux of it, there was no actual communication. I never spoke about how I liked to be kissed or how I like to cuddle. Never really talked about my fears and insecurities that might affect the relationship. Never really asked my exes what they wanted from the relationship and how they wanted to be loved.


A whole mess.


In my early to mid-20s, older folk will tell me it was impossible to meet someone who “ticked all your boxes.” They would say “find someone that makes you happy and take it from there.” This might be the reality for some but it is not always the case. I took their advice to heart and told myself I would always have to compromise because that is what relationships are about. Compromise. But what is the point of compromising, when the other party has no clue what you are giving up? No one told me it didn’t make sense to compromise without letting your partner know because ‘what would be the point?’


After all is said and done, it boils down to knowing what you want. What do you want from your partner and what does your partner require from you? I could not answer this question honestly because I never had that conversation. Nobody wants to be the one making demands in the relationship but the truth is, everyone has needs that need to be met and if that’s not happening, then there is no point. There was no time throughout my past relationships where I figured out these needs and communicated it to my partner.





In one of my favourite songs ever, Kehlani said:


Neither of us knew what we wanted,
But all we knew is that we cared…


The song, Footsteps, talks about the issues she dealt with in a failed relationship and how one of the ultimate challenges was the fact that she didn’t know what she wanted. The song that features Musiq Soulchild really goes deep and explores themes that are similar in my failed relationships from esteem issues to walking away before ending the relationship.


What do I want in this relationship? How do I want it to serve me? Do I want it open or monogamous? How often would I need my space? Is sex important to me? Have I communicated my desires to the other person early on or am I deciding to wing it? Why do I want to be in a relationship? Do I want to constantly make plans with the person in mind? Do I see myself with this person long term?


At some point, I have to take responsibility for the past. I have to acknowledge the mistakes made and seek ways to move forward. I also have to go easy on myself with the understanding that although I might not be able to change the past, I have to be expressly vocal about my desires if/when I decide to love again. Exes and love lost remind us of the areas we messed up and shows us how we can do better. For that, I will always be grateful.

  • Very good point Noted here about “letting your partner know how you want to be loved” and what matters to you.
    Good read!

  • Beautiful. A lot of things falling in place. I’m at a point where I have given up on love. I’m not capable of loving. As selfish as it sounds, I’m focusing on myself and giving me all the love. I know love is meant to be shared but of what use is it if it’s not reciprocated. Making peace with the fact that we don’t also get what we truly want or deserve.

  • Communication is everything and over time I’ve come to learn that I’ve been really bad at it……always expecting people to know what I like and don’t like and also expecting them to just fit into my little boxes like I’m doing them a favor 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    I’m hoping I have the courage not to repeat past mistakes when the next opportunity at love comes along.

    Thanks for this piece 🤗😘

    • This is the first step. I am glad you were able to recognise this and have made the option to try and be better. That is great to hear.

  • Communication is a big piece… or more like a main pillar to a successful relationship. You’re definitely right to say what you want in the relationship—but if what we “say” we want ends up being what we “thought” we wanted, we end up unsatisfied all the same. That’s why spending enough time knowing what we truly want in a relationship is critical.

    This is a great article, Harry! Cheers.

    • Thank you for this Segun. Great comment there. I also feel that it is normal for our wants to change and it is key we also communicate them to our partner too.

  • Love this piece. Very candid and I like your honestly about what you did or did not pay attention to in your previous relationship. I have often felt like communication was not existence in my previous relationship and it still something that a lot of my attempted dating pastimes lack, but somehow already willing to compromise just to be cared for.
    So I really love this and a great reminder to myself. May you find the love you deserve and may God love you the most intimately and deliciously.

  • This was a good read, personally I’m in the point of my relationship where I think we are both failing to communicate… I will show this to bae and hopefully start talking from there… thanks for sharing

  • Amazing writing!! Still defining what a healthy relationship with another man looks like this is all a journey for me. Years of doctrine and trying to learn The Lord for myself has me walking through a very weird stage but I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for committing to this morning writing and just going with the flow. You are helping many.

  • I don’t think I have ever known a man to decipher what they desired and needed in a love relationship. Kudos to you. Although reflection on old relationships can remind us of the past, knowing and being able to communicate how you desire to be loved is so important.

  • My favourite part of this piece has to be the bit about thinking you’re having substantial communication when you really aren’t talking about the important stuff.

    Understand what exactly you want out of a relationship, ensure your partner is aware of these needs of yours, and vice versa.

    Yet another beautiful piece, Harry. Thank you.

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