7 Reasons You Should See Olympus Has Fallen

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Olympus Has Fallen is a new action film that stars Gerald Butler and has gotten mixed reviews from critics. I was unsure about seeing this movie but now that I have seen it, I am glad I did. Here are 7 reason why you should see this new action film.

1. The action starts very quickly and doesn’t stop till the movie ends. A lot of action movies take a while to get into action mode. This one picks up very fast with a lot of action to last you a week tops 😀

2. This is one emotional action film. I have not seen an action film so tense like this one. Everyone at the cinema had some sort of emotional attachment to the characters in the movie. It was crazy.

3. The bad guys in the movie are actual bad guys. They don’t waste time giving unnecessary speeches to buy time so that the hero can automatically save the day. They are the hit and kill bad guys. Nice deviation from the norm.

4. The story is pretty engaging. Not so spectacular but very engaging. Trust me when I say, the suspense is KILLING

5. Angela Bassett looked so GOOD in the movie. Quick Question: Does she even age at all?

6. One man saved the United States of America. Yes. One man. You see why you should watch.

7. Gerald Butler. If all of these reasons don’t convince you, just go see it for his performance. He was incredible and had the best lines in the movie.


So what you waiting for? Go see Olympus Has Fallen. BTW, check my coverage of the Red Carpet for the premiere of Alan Poza here


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