A Peek into the (Work) Life of Harry Itie

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I meet people on a daily and while some have an idea of what I do, others don’t. Some of my friends do not understand how tasking the job can get and I understand how they can be clueless. Still, no one wants to spend all their time working.

I know I don’t.

Still, the worst of the lot are the ones who have an opinion on what you should look like, how you should act or sound. I remember making an inquiry from a Nigerian designer about a suit and he told me he doesn’t make suits for people like me (in my social class); same designer always complained about my teeth even though I get that often.

I love the work that I do. Journalism is my passion and I don’t plan to leave it anytime soon. I am thankful that despite the challenges, I am able to follow this passion; bad teeth and all. From producing to presenting to consulting; I am not at the place I was a few years back. I have grown.

In the video below, you will get to see some of the work that I have done for TV. I hope you enjoy it and be sure to point out any errors. Plus constructive criticism is welcome 🙂

Enjoy. Comment. Share.

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