#AfricaIsTakingOver: On Dayo Okeniyi and John Boyega

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I know there is a lot of tragedy in the news. So much going on and we wonder if there is going to be a change. Still, it is refreshing to see that Africans are still making their mark across the globe.

I am starting a brand new series here called #AfricaIsTakingOver. The aim is to showcase Africans making a difference not just in their localities but across the globe.

Today I am focusing on Dayo Okeniyi and John Boyega


Dayo Okeniyi shot to fame when he played the role of Thresh in the Hunger Games. I got to interview him a few months after the film came out. He was excited to be a part of the movie and was ready to work hard to not be just another random actor in Hollywood. It was announced last month that he is part of the lead ensemble for the new Terminator flick “Terminator:Genesis”. How cool is that? Filming for the movie has started and the film is expected to be released next year.

Funny thing, is John Boyega was also a top choice for the role. Boyega was just announced as part of the cast of the new Star Wars movie.


Okeniyi was also considered for the role but it went to Boyega.

I am very excited that two Non-American actors are getting ready to prove themselves to the world.  There a re a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be African or Nigerian and with these people taking centre stage. The conversation is about to change. It is very important that we support them however we can. Things are changing friends. Slowly but surely, the stories will change and Africa will be viewed from a different perspective.

Celebrate them.Support Them. #AfricaIsTakingOver

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