Album Review: Mad Love by JoJo

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It’s been 10 years since JoJo put out an album and today she released “Mad Love.” 

After a difficult time with her former label, the singer is back with a body of work that shows us she has evolved since her “Get Out” days.

The album opens with “Music.” The song that is an ode to her father and music, lets us into her journey while showing us that this album is not just an ordinary project. It helps us understand that it documents JoJo’s journey and how far she has come. The beautiful ballad is the perfect opening track for a comeback album.

JoJo has three collaborations on this album. “I Can Only” with Alessia Cara, “F*** Apologies with Wiz Khalifa and “FAB” with Remy Ma. These songs are not only strong but have an underlying theme: I will be who I want to be and live my life not caring about your opinion. This is a very important message considering we are in a society that emphasises that we need to conform to certain standards whether in our personal or professional lives.

“Mad Love” is the strongest ballad on the album and has a soulful vibe. R&B is definitely not dead on this album as the title track is not the only song that gives us the R&B that we love. Songs like “I Am” also have that distinct sound and not forgetting “Like This” that fuses old R&B sounds with the modern pop sounds used by artistes like Rihanna and Fifth Harmony.

Dancehall, house, pop are other sounds infused in this album; evident in songs like Honest, Vibe, Clovers and Good Thing.

“Rise Up” is the perfect song to end this album. The song describes JoJo’s journey as an entertainer. No matter all the issues that life has brought her way. She is here and she can only keep rising up from here.

I never said it would be easy
Believe me, it takes two
If you wanna where I’m walking, just told you
If you really, really, really love somebody
You ain’t gotta listen to nobody
You should never never give up easy
I won’t stand for history repeating

You can fall if you want, if is what you’re wishing
You can trip over love, baby I’m not trippin’
You can run around town but that’s not my wish
Never too much to work it out
Baby, we’re going higher, gonna rise up the love
You and I we’re going higher
Gonna rise up the love

—– JoJo, from Rise Up #MadLove

This is JoJo’s third album and it is a strong comeback for her. I am excited for this chapter and I know it can only get better from here.

Go get Mad Love now!

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