Anani Speaks: Hope for a Better Life

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Hey guys,

So after a long hiatus (lol, don’t know why I am using that word), I have decided to start doing Spoken Word again. My first attempt is with this one I just wrote. I called it “Hope for a Better Life” and I hope it inspires you. Please feel free to drop pointers on the delivery and also on the content.

Listen to it below and also check out the lyrics.

Thanks guys



They say “Live your life”

Question is “What is there to live for?”

The system is messed up,

The leaders are corrupt,

Our youths unemployed,

For real, “what is there to live for?”

But the cries of the new born child,

And the innocence in my nephews eyes

Gives me hope

Gives me faith

And so I live with the past in mind,

Every dream, Every prayer said at night,

Every debate, Every essay written as a child,

“When I grow up I wanna be a doctor”

“I believe that one day Nigeria will be great”

I live for those moments

And still I live with the present at heart

Every disappointment, Every minute spent chasing the dream,

Every cry, Every hour spent in Lagos traffic

“First of all, man must chop”

“Omo, I gast survive oh”

And yes, I live with the future in mind

Every laughter, Every award I’d win

Every smile, Every dream in my baby’s heart

“E go better someday”

“Daddy, I wanna be Nigeria’s first astronaut”

So now I will live my life

Right Here, Right Now

With the hope of a better life

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