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Author: Harry

2 Nov, 2020

Watch my new documentary ‘Defiance: Voices of a New Generation’

Defiance explores the lives of young queer individuals who are not just out and visible

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9 Sep, 2020

On Exes and Love Lost

The first thing I would like to say as I start writing this is I

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17 Mar, 2020

When is loving yourself enough?

I did a post at the start of the year where I spoke about working

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17 Jan, 2020

Working through my trauma

I was on Twitter minding my business when I came across a clip that featured

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27 Dec, 2018

Thank you 2018

On the first day of 2018, I asked the year to be good to me.

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16 Jul, 2018

Real Talk: Pain

Today I want to talk about pain. This is not something I usually do and

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15 Jul, 2018

harry | EP 45 | The Finish The Lyrics Challenge with Tolu “Juke” Ajiboye

Another episode of harry is here and I am joined by one of my best

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23 Jun, 2018

harry | EP 44 | How to be a Sophisticated Hustler with Ariyiike

On this very special episode of harry, I am joined by my colleague at TVC,

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19 Jun, 2018

harry | EP 43 | The Bonn City Tour

I attended the Global Media Forum in Bonn, Germany and after the conference, I got

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2 Jun, 2018

harry | EP 42 | Story Time – That time I almost died

In 2000, there was a religious crisis in Kaduna and I got caught up in

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26 May, 2018

harry | EP 41 | My Ghana Experience at the 5th AFRIMA Unveiling

I got a chance to go to Ghana to report the unveiling of the 2018

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19 May, 2018

harry | EP 40 | Lessons from #Idahot2018

IDAHOT is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia and is a very significant

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