The Harry Minute 082: My Future Awards Nomination and other Pop Culture Stories

It is Harry Minute day!!!

Harry Minute Day is the best day of the year. OK. I am just kidding but I get really excited every time I have to put out a new episode.

Today’s episode is pretty amazing as I talk about my Future Awards nomination. In case you don’t know, I was nominated in the On Air Personality of the Year (Visual) category. That is major and I am so excited about it. Please listen and find out why.

Also, I talk about other Pop Culture stories currently buzzing from¬†Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement to the 2018 Grammy nominations.

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harry | EP 24 | The Disney Tag

My love for Disney is humungous and so I had to partake in this challenge. And yes, I answered all the questions in less than 5 minutes.

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The Harry Minute 081: Let’s Talk About Bovi and Akpororo

Bovi and Akpororo have been in the news lately over some of their jokes. Instead of talking about this, let me show you.


Now that you have watched, here is my commentary.

The Dominic Oneya Foundation is here to build communities

Dominic Oneya is many things to many people. To some, he is a former military personnel, who later was the administrator of Kano and Benue States while to others he is the former chairman of the Nigeria Football Association.  However, to many he is a philanthropist, helping others at their lowest and empowering them to be productive members of the society.

It is to this end that The Dominic Oneya Foundation is here. Inspired by the good he has done over time, the foundation is determined to see to the progress of the underprivileged children, youths, families and the development of the society.

Speaking with his son, Anthony Oneya, at the launch of the Foundation, he said they are focusing on youth empowerment through agriculture, education and sports. He added that the scholarships will be inclusive of not just young people but also single mothers who can use it as an avenue to find support to complete their education.

In a society where people holding public offices are notorious for not impacting their local communities, Dominic Oneya and his family are doing what many of his peers should be doing; using their influence to help not just the new generation of leaders but the society as a while. Speaking with the Retired Brigadier General himself, he emphasised the importance of philanthropy not only from an organisational point of view but from an individual perspective; adding that to whom much is given much is expected.

The foundation won’t be working in isolation as they intend to partner with the government and local NGOs to carry out interventions were necessary. A Sports Clinic is currently being set up to develop the athletic talents of young people across the country. The head office is¬†located in Delta state and representative offices will be set up in Lagos, Kano and Beune states.

For more information on the foundation or if you would like to donate/volunteer, visit the official website.

Why I am passionate about Equality

I live in Nigeria and when it comes to diversity and inclusion, we suck!

I mean it is my country where you will attend a “women’s empowerment event” and they will say things like “the man is the head and you are the neck” or “feminism is affecting the home front.” In Nigeria, disabled people are not treated with dignity and cannot even use public spaces. God forbid you are in a wheelchair in this country and see how you can get into a bank or even take the BRT. Let me not get started with the rights of LGBTI persons. That is another discussion entirely. There is a law that everyone and their mother will use to condemn, discriminate and even kill (mentally and physically in some instances). Case in point, the arrest of 42 men in Lagos or the recent arrest of Bobrisky.

I was on Instagram when I came across Pamela Adie’s picture of her tattoo.

The picture jumped at me and resonated with my beliefs. Equality. The one thing that gets Nigerians uncomfortable.

Why? I am clueless.

“We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.” ~¬†Malala Yousafzai

There is a systematic failure in our country and it is not because women are demanding for their rights or the fact that there are gay people in the country. If we look inwards and search ourselves we know the truth. Those with privilege (male folks) cannot imagine a world where women have the same access to the opportunities that they have. They would rather stick to the status quo; not knowing that they are holding back their daughters in the process.



We need to get to a place where people are allowed to be.  Let that woman fight in the army and let that boy dance in his heels. Let the disabled lady be a CEO and let women express their sexuality the way men are allowed to.  Let women have more leadership roles from the private sector to the public sector and consider disabled people when constructing public spaces. Let us remove laws that criminalise sexual expression between consenting adults. It is 2017.

There is strength in diversity and we all cannot do things the same way. It is time for us to speak out against the injustice in our society and take a stand for minority groups. In the words of Desmond Tutu:

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. “

The Harry Minute 079: Let’s Talk About Kevin Spacey

The Harry Minute is back!

Yes, it has been six months. Six whole months since the last episode and trust me when I say that a lot has changed. Thankfully, I am back and ready to pick up from where I left off.

On my first episode since my long hiatus, I discuss Kevin Spacey. Listen below and trust that I want to see your feedback in the comment section when I am done.

Thanks for the love. I really appreciate.

Back and Better?

A few months ago, I lost my website.

I cannot describe how I have felt since it happened and I honestly do not want to go into the detail. Even though I could have done things differently at the time, and maybe tried to save it, it was a struggle I guess I was not willing to have. Everything I had worked on and tried to create was lost. I practically gave up.

These few months, I have struggled to find my place in society, career and life generally. It has not been easy and to be honest, I have not figured it out. Still,  here I am. Trying again to do what I love and still find a place here. It is still not easy but I am hoping it is worth it.

So welcome back to the Harry Itie website. If it is your first time, be ready to come on a journey with me on life, love, career and the things that get me excited (and piss me off). If you are a regular, you know how we do.

Here is to new beginnings. The boy is back and he is not here to play!