Brandy Needs to Get her Sh*t TOGETHER!

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I know.

Brangelina just broke up and here I am talking about Brandy. That is not right.

Well, I love Brandy. If you are in doubt, see this.

Homegirl needs an intervention!

So I was going through life; happy and at peace with the universe when I saw this interview.

Now anyone that knows me knows how much I adore Brandy, Monica and Aaliyah. They were the pillars of my childhood and early teens so imagine how I felt when I realised that Brandy and Monica still got beef. In 2016???

What are we? 8?

Now, we all know Monica and Brandy have had issues from when The Boy is Mine was recorded. I even read somewhere that Brandy wanted to do the song on her own but oh well. Allegedly they even got into a fight at the VMAs in 1998.

I mean just before this performance they allegedly got into a fist fight.


Anyways, they apparently worked out their issues and in 2012 they released “It All Belongs to Me” and I remember throughout the promo for the song, they kept emphasizing on how we all imagined this beef and how they both have moved on and are loving life and God.

Fast forward to now, Monica has been trending lately because of the #SoGoneChallenge. During the period when the challenge was trending, one of Brandy’s fan does the #IWannaBeDownChallenge and Brandy shares it on her Instagram.


Afterwards Brandy is asked if she will do the #SoGoneChallenge and you can see her response below.


Let us not forget her #BeenGone post during the time the #SoGoneChallenge was trending.

It is based on all of this that the Monica interview went the way it did. Plus even at that, Monica only had positive words towards Brandy.

Trust Aunty Brandy. She had to respond. She goes on Snapchat and starts to rant. Check out the video below.

After watching this video, I am convinced something is wrong somewhere. After clearly mocking Monica in the video she says she has to focus on her Higher Calling. How do you act a fool, be petty as f**k and then drag God into the mix. She then goes on Instagram and posts this picture


If you look at the captions there is #IKnowTHEREALStoryThatEverybodyDoesntKnow. Like what??? This is Brandy. The lady that gave us all the hits in the 90s and early 2000s. The woman many musicians look up to. What is with the pettiness? Instead of focusing on your next hit record you are trying to start something with someone who doesn’t care. It is like she wants to create something and Monica doesn’t want it and we don’t even want it. You are old! You have a teenage daughter!

I mean Brandy always seems to have an issue with everyone. She had issues with Darkchild, dumped him for Timbaland then goes back to him for Human and then blame him for the poor sales of the album; in the process refusing to take responsibility. She signs with Chameleon and put out Two Eleven and after 4 years she sues the label saying it was slavery but she found a way to release a single and even shoot a video when she was still bound by a contract.

Let us be real. Forget that Brandy is always calling God on social media. There is a problem. Is it that she enjoyed so much success in the past that the life she never thought her level of celebrity could get so low? I mean it must suck when your Stylist is now a bigger star than you. I am rooting for Brandy and I want her too succeed but she needs to leave social media and focus on the music. I know the industry has evolved but she is music royalty and her fans will always want to hear new music from her but she needs to stop with the pettiness and take responsibility for her actions. You cannot go through life blaming everyone for your failures. Nothing will change.

There is so much I want to say but we can see the signs. Something is off and those closest to her need to step in and help her get back on track so she can focus on what truly matters and create great music.

I love you Brandy but please get your sh*t together!

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  1. It’s unfortunate. The real issue is best known to both of them. It’s just sad that with such longevity they can still be this Petty.

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