harry | EP 40 | Lessons from #Idahot2018

IDAHOT is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia and is a very significant day for the LGBT community. However, not many feel this way as some still choose to be homophobic. I shared an article from The Rustin Times on homophobia and many said they were going to be homophobic regardless of how the world is evolving.

Those comments inspired this episode.

Watch, comment, share and let us join the conversation that will push for change in our community.

Read The Rustin Times article here.

Remember, let’s work together in 2018 

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harry | EP 39 | The May Music Playlist

I decided to share some of the songs that are currently on my playlist as a way to engage on a more personal level. I have realised that people tend to want to have conversations about my music selection when I share it on social media so I guess it’s time I recommend music on a monthly basis.

As at the time of recording this video I didn’t have a title but I think this will be the working title from now.

Check it out, comment, share and do not forget to let me know some of the songs that you are vibing to this month.

Remember, let’s work together in 2018


harry | EP 31 | Should you go watch the new Nigerian film, June?

June is a brand new Nigerian film starring Michelle Dede, Vector, Empress Njamah and Uche Jombo. On this episode, I give a recommendation and ask you if you should see it.

Check it out, comment and share.

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Remember, let’s work together in 2018