Confusion Na Wa is the film we have been waiting for

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When I first saw the trailer for Confusion Na Wa, I knew it was a movie I wanted to see. Trust me, the trailer doesn’t have any jaw dropping moments but I just knew that it would be worth seeing. I did not expect to be blown away and  I am sure the other 4 individuals in the cinema felt the same way.

Ever since I started working fully as an Entertainment Reporter, I have come to look at things a bit differently, especially the Nigerian film industry.  So my decision to watch this film was my way of supporting “the cause” but after seeing this one, I am a believer! We can make good films!

I should add here that if you here looking for a conventional review or spoilers, you came to the wrong page.

Confusion Na Wa is described as ” a dark comedy about a group of strangers whose fates become intertwined over the course of 24 hours.” Personally I feel the movie is a reflection of the society that we live in. It explores the complexities about living in Nigeria and the travails we have to face irrespective of tribe, gender or social status.

Confusion-Na-Wa movie poster


Directed by Kenneth Gyang, the movie features very skilled actors including OC Ukeje, Ramsey Noah, Ali Nuhu, Gold Ikponmwosa and Tunde Aladese even though I should add here that OC Ukeje and Ali Nuhu’s acting were out of this world.

From references to power failure, adultery, juvenile delinquency and how our country views homosexuality, Confusion Na Wa explores these issues and somewhat sparks a conversation about the reality that we live in Nigeria and how hypocritical we could be. Some elements of the film that I love are the fact that it was shot in Kaduna (hence the Sabon Gari reference. More movies need to be shot in the north), the very hilarious sticker that says “I am an Ideal Citizen, what about you”, The inscription in the police station that said “Bale is free. Police na your friend”, the camera shots used by the director, continuity was spot on and the characters don’t have unnecessary weird accents.

Confusion Na Wa is a must watch for every Nigerian. One of us has done a film and done it well. Please go watch it.

“Living in a country where you can’t steal anything because someone else has stolen it” Charles (Confusion Na Wa)

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