CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story is a biopic that was Meant to Be (SPOILERS INSIDE)

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So every TLC fan has been anticipating this biopic since the trailer came out. The story of one of the greatest girl groups was gonna be told and everyone wanted the inside gist of what went down. The film premiered on VH1 on Monday and as always I went online to see the reviews  of the film and many said it had the nostalgic feel but didn’t highlight the success of the group. Well, I finally got to watch it and IT WAS AMAZING!!!I always wondered how they were gonna tell the TLC story. I mean TLC had DRAMA!!! I am not sure whether it was the drama that made us love them the way we did or their talent. There were so many sides to the story that I was wondering if it was going to be a biased one-sided story. And it wasn’t


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The film starts at the very beginning. Tboz is narrating giving a background to were the girls were coming from. I love the part were she says “I wanted in on the boy’s club. why should they have all the fun?”. It seems she got her wish as her friend told her that Perri “Pebbles” Reid was holding auditions for a new girl group. So Tboz (Drew Sidora) gets Left Eye (Lil Mama) and she goes with Crystal for the audition. Pebbles (Rochelle Aytes) and LA love Tboz and Left Eye but are not feeling Crystal’s voice so she gets the boot and is replaced with Chilli (Keke Palmer).

The movie shows that Chilli’s struggles started way before they even got popular. The day Left Eye found out she was going to be signed was the day she heard that her Dad had been shot. Also, Chilli was suspended from TLC and was almost replaced because she had a crush on Dallas Austin (Evan Ross) and was caught making out with him by Pebbles. We also find out that she got pregnant and had to have an abortion and that ultimately inspired the Safe Sex theme in the “Aint 2 Proud to Beg” video.


I love this part of the movie is because it is the part were the girls bond not just as band mates but as sisters. With similar backgrounds and stories and a motivation to be very successful, they put EVERYTHING into their music and sisterhood. One scene that got to me was when “What About Your Friends” came on the radio and they were so excited that it was very contagious for me watching.



Even though their bond was growing strong, this was also were their problems began. Pebbles was paying them $25 per week and told them they were not going to see any money until their second album. According to her, she had invested money in the group plus the record label needed to get paid. I think the portrayal of Pebbles was fair enough considering what had happened even though, I’d love Pebbles to tell her own side to the story. I also think it was good that they didn’t dwell too much on the drama with her and focused on other things. Even though the part were Tboz has her sickle cell crisis and all Pebbles could think about the cancelled shows was kind of sad. Still I think they told it well.

The road to  the Crazy Sexy Cool album also explores different stages in their careers. We see Lisa’s drinking problems caused by her relationship with her dad and how she met Andre Rison and set fire to his house. The account portrayed here was slightly different from Lisa’s account in the documentary “The  Last Days of Left Eye”. I would have loved to see a bit more of the drama between her and Andre explored but I understand that they had to keep to time.


It was also cool to see that they added the fact that Left Eye was never really a fan of one of their hits “Creep” as portrayed at the music video shoot. I also  loved the showdown afterwards with Clive Davis when the group goes to demand for their money. There we understand how you can be a part of the Best Selling Girl Group of all time and still be broke.


The CrazySexyCool movie lets us in behind the music and the fame to all of the struggles and sacrifices the girls had to make to be who they are. Through the film I feel the pain they felt and experience the joy they felt. We understand that even with the fights and everything, the girls genuinely cared about each other.

I also learnt some interesting facts through the movie

1. They had choreographed the dance to “What about your friends” before they got the lyrics.

2. It was Lisa who gave Chilli her stage name because she was “HAWT!”

3. What actually happened at the infamous TRL appearence in 1999.

4. How they were able to convince Lisa to go on the Fanmail tour

5. Pebbles was at Left Eye’s funeral


I think CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story is a must watch. It will make you fall in love with the trio all over again and understand who they are. I understand what the critics mean when they say the story didn’t focus a lot on their success as a group. Still, I think they did a phenomenal job. We can always read about the success of the group online but we can not always know the personalities and what actually went down behind the make up and the sold out concerts.

I am so thankful that I got a chance to see this.


Enjoy TLC’s new single, Meant to Be written by NeYo from their 20 album.


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