Dear Harry Itie, 28 Looks Good On You!

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Dear Harry Itie,
28 looks good on you.
I know it doesn’t seem like it. I know times are rough but trust me you look amazing. Heck, you rock! And I am not just saying this because it is your birthday. I am saying it because it is something I know. You are a reflection of God’s awesomeness.
It’s hard to believe that with the year you have had. I know how you hoped and prayed 2016 would be the year that changes everything. I know you also thought that 2017 will be game-changing career wise. Don’t worry, it’s just May. December is not coming anytime soon. I think.
There is so much to be thankful for. You are in good health. You still have a wonderful appetite. Your family is doing good. You are still on television. You have friends that love you. You met Richard Quest (Yes. It is an achievement according to Nigerian standards so own it, baby!). You are not in debt (for now).

I could go on but we don’t wanna fall in the category of the “Pepper Dem Gang,” however it is important that you count your blessings. Life’s trials and tribulations are there to make you stronger and not lose sight of the end goal. Don’t see them as obstacles. See them as life lessons. Life is short so you need to live regardless and not focus on the curve balls it throws your way.
You can do this. I know you can.
So wipe those tears and get off the floor. Walk into the light and live free. Your life has a happy ending so stay hopeful. In the words of Queen Oprah, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Never forget that.
So Harry Itie, the coolest, bestest, greatest entertainment journalist on this side of the Atlantic (is it Atlantic?), 28 looks great on you!

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