Find Joy!

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Find JOY!

That is my message for you today. It is not a lengthy sermon; I don’t think I have it in me to preach but heck… You gotta find joy.

Life is a journey and a journey is never a smooth ride. Thing is a lot of times we forget that and focus on the negative. We compare ourselves to our peers; people we see on TV and think they have it better. Let me encourage you today to find joy.

I love what I do. Interviewing people. Discussing pop culture. Analysing societal issues. My job is a dream. And I love it. But most times it is super frustrating. Still, I find joy.



Thing is once I grab the mic and get out… I forget EVERYTHING. Like, I literally do. I focus on why I love to do what I do. I focus on the fulfillment it brings me. I focus on the fact that I wasn’t in this place a year ago and right now I am living my dreams. I might not be living it on a large scale but I am living it still and that is what counts.


I don’t know the struggles you have in your career or even in your personal life. Remember that life is a journey, everything good will come and things will always work out. So instead of focusing on the negative… find joy. Remember, the key is discovering why you love to do what you do.

Be inspired!


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