Happy 50th Birthday, Janet Jackson! My Top 10 Janet Videos of ALL TIME!!!

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I love Janet Jackson!

She is an incredible performer and an amazing entertainer. I grew up jamming to her music even though they were very sexualized (I had no idea) and I was in awe of the lady that had dance moves for days.

Now she is 50 and still killing it!

I mean, she is 50 and still looks amazing. 50 and can still do all the heavy choreography that she is known for. She rocks!!!

In honour of the legendary Janet Jackson, this is my official Janet Jackson top ten countdown of all time!


10. Call on Me featuring Nelly

MTV Base played this video eh!!! She teamed up with Nelly for this one and it is still one of my favourite jams of all time especially when they start to harmonise at the end of the chorus. LOVE!!!


9. All Nite (Don’t Stop)

This song was the tune. I remember trying to keep up with the dance routines. Sigh. I didn’t get anywhere though. No one does it like Janet.

All Nite (Dont Stop)-Janet Jackson from candy mimi on Vimeo.


8. Son of a Gun featuring Missy Elliott

My sister made me like this one. The video was creepy sha.


7. Control

Now this one came out before I was born but I can relate to the song. Plus she looked so hot in the video.


6. Got Til It’s Gone 

JAM!!! AIT made me love this song. Remember the show “Zebra Crossing?” They overplayed the song. Still a favourite.


5. Rhythm Nation

This is a classic. I remember watching this video for the first time on DBN. I was in awe of the dance routines and till today I am still obsessed with the video.


4. Dammn Baby

This song!!! What I love about the song and video is that it reminds us that Janet might be 50 but she still got it. It has been a week since the video came out and I am still obsessed with it.


3. All for You

So I had no idea how sexual this song was until recently. Yep! I was late to the party. Still it is one of my faves and I will dance to it anytime any day.


2. Doesn’t Really Matter

So this was the Official Chop Mouth song. I was having a conversation with a friend recently and he too had no idea what the lyrics were. Song is still a jam though and thanks to AZ Lyrics, I can sing along proudly!


1. I Get Lonely (Remix) with BlackStreet

I am a sucker for love songs and this has to be one of my favourites. I really want to sing this song to that special someone someday. Just waiting for the perfect moment. Love the song. Love the video. Janet looked so fly in it. This is my favourite Janet Jackson song of all time.

Happy Birthday Janet. Here is to many more rockstar years!!! Keep on slaying 🙂

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