Happy International Podcast Day!!! Start the Conversation! #PodcastDay

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Today is International Podcast Day!!!

I am so excited about today because it is over a year since I started The Harry Minute and it has been an amazing journey. It has opened me to a brand new audience and my pop culture commentary has evolved.

The main aim of International Podcast Day remains to start the conversation about Podcasting across the world. The world has opened up to vlogging and other forms of social media engagement but podcasting has not reached its full potential.

One of the aims of #PodcastDay is to start the conversation and educate people through public engagement and today I will be responding to all your podcasting questions and comments if you tweet @HarryItie and use the hashtag #PodcastDay. Please feel free to also share your thoughts on my podcast and other ones that you listen to. There is so much potential when it comes to podcasting and I am passionate about creating a podcasting culture in Nigeria.

There are #Podcastday events happening across the world. Check it out here. I have also started conversations with different podcasters in the country. Check out the one I had with Tosyn Bucknor, Osagie Alonge, Abdulmalik and Barney from Rant Nation here.

It is International Podcast Day! Help start the conversation.

According to my statistics, this is my most popular podcast below

And this is one of my faves with my girl Ajifa Atuluku.

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