“Hillsong – Let Hope Rise” is GOING TO BE EPIC!!!

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I love Hillsong!!!

I have loved them since I was a child and I am still obsessed with the music they make. Their artistry is remarkable and they do a lot creating music that connects us with our Creator.

Now, they have a new film set to hit theaters this month.

Titled “Hillsong – Let Hope Rise,” it is directed by Michael John Warren (Jay-Z’s FADE TO BLACK and NICKI MINAJ: MY TIME NOW). The film explores Hillsong’s humble beginnings and astonishing rise to prominence as an international church whose songs are sung every Sunday by more than 50 million people worldwide.

I am super excited about this project. Check out the trailer below


What fortune lies beyond the stars
Those dazzling heights too vast to climb
I got so high to fall so far
But I found heaven as love swept low

My heart beating, my soul breathing
I found my life when I laid it down
Upward falling, spirit soaring
I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground

—- Touch the Sky, Hillsong United’s Empires (2015)

Enjoy below



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