In Loving Memory… Dolapo Adedipe

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“Hello, I am Harry” I stretch out my hand towards her
“I am Dolapo” she chuckles as she shakes my hand
“You can call her smiley” Stephen said and she kept on smiling


That was the Dolapo I met 6 years ago. Fun. Friendly. Nice. God lover.

And that smile…

Yes oh! We didn’t call her smiley for nothing. Her smile could light up a dark room. She had a warm spirit and had a good heart.

I can’t remember the last time I spoke to Dolapo. Probably over a year. Or two. Not sure. Still, I remember it was laughs and hugs and cheer all the way.

I don’t know why these things happen and I doubt I’ll ever know.


So Dolapo,

I know you are in a better place. Way better than this place we live in. Thank God you don’t have to deal with NEPA wahala and Lagos traffic ever again! I am thankful that the only road you will have to work is the Streets of Gold. I am thankful that now you will rep Soul Rhythm in heaven, singing with the angels (I hope they give you a solo). I am thankful that weeping, sorrow, pain is gone and that you have gotten your Crown. Very thankful that instead of living under a government that is corrupt like ours, you are now under one that’s Holy and Pure and True. I am thankful that finally you’ll get to hold the hands of Jesus and behold the face of God.

More importantly, I am thankful for the opportunity to have called you friend.

So Dolapo. We will be fine. We are just sad that you have left us so soon. We love you and we will miss you.

Keep on smiling

Rest in Peace

Lots of Love,


8 thoughts on “In Loving Memory… Dolapo Adedipe

  1. I feel so Sad, but I thank God, for she used her smiles to lighten up YWAP Covenant University. May God bless ur soul SMILEY…so gentle

  2. Wow! A tear almost escaped! I wish I could remember her though…

    From everything that’s been said and seen, I’m sure we would’ve been cool if we did meet. Thank God for her spirit and the light she shone that touched many lives. It is well.

    Thanks again Harry! 🙂

  3. Thanks Harry. God bless you for speaking our minds, though the heaviness that’s weighing em down. She loved to smile and is in a place where no nothing can tamper/dampen that joyful heart that radiated through smiles. Our hope is that we too make our mark on this earth in our way as we carry out the assignment set before us…and make report into heaven with positive feedback.

  4. Oh! How bitter it is a pill to swallow.I met her during my service year and the least I can say is that she’s just one jocund,lovely and funny lady.she would suddenly light up a place with the warm smiling glow on her cheeks.I was certainly bewildered on account of hearing of your demise and I hope the God of peace would comfort your folks.hopefully we shall meet one day again and It shall be with tears of unspeakable joy.shalom

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