Ladies and Gentlemen, Sabina Ddumba!

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This post is about Sabina Ddumba.
Stop all you are doing. You need to see this.
Now, if you know me well, you know that I am a HUGE fan of Grey’s Anatomy. I have been following the show since Season 1 and one thing the show doesn’t get wrong is the music. Say what you want about the show, the music on Grey’s Anatomy is fire. I wonder who is in charge. The person deserves an Emmy and every great thing in this life.
Anyways, I was watching the show last season when a song came on. The vibe was great and I liked the rhythm of the song. Immediately I Shazamed the song. The result pops up and it is Effortless by Sabina Ddumba. I get the song on Deezer and add it to my “On the Road” playlist (My song compilation for anytime I am on the road).
For some reason, I did not listen to the song. Weeks passed and anytime it came on I would skip to the next song. I mean, I have over 800 songs on that playlist. Don’t blame a brother for wanting to jam some tune from the 90s. Fast forward to tonight, I was in the Danfo listening to music as I made the long ride home when the song came up. I decided to let it play; I mean how can I have a song on my phone and not even play it once?
And then it played.
I honestly cannot describe the feeling I felt as the song played. It stirred every emotion in me and it felt like I was living the words of the song. I ended up putting the song on repeat all the way home. As soon as I got in the house, I went on YouTube to watch all her videos and now I have followed her on all her Social media platforms.
All from one song.
Check out the song Effortless. This is what made me fall in love with her.
Cause we float like the river, oh
Bring sweet to the bitter, oh
If we fall then we get up, oh
We don’t even try
Cause through it all
It’s effortless
So effortless
It’s effortless
We don’t even try
You should hear her perform it live. It’s amazing!
Not too Young is also a nice song. It’s like homegirl is singing to me.
Time is my party jam!
Please check out Sabina Ddumba. You won’t regret it.

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