Merry Christmas Guys + Zuriel Oduwole Stops By TVC News

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Hello everyone!!!

Merry Christmas.

Hope you guys are enjoying your holidays. It has been good so far even though I had to work today but its all good. I love my job so I actually do not mind doing a few things before I go and partake in the holiday celebrations.

Today at work I was asked to interview Zuriel Oduwole for our channel’s youth programme, On the Street and it was amazing. To those who don’t know her, click here for information.

She spoke with so much eloquence and grace that is hard to find in someone who is 11. I am in awe of her person and her love for what she does. It is brilliant. She even lets you know that she does all this through “Christ who gives her strength”…  You gotta love her!!!



She also appeared on one of our news bulletins. Watch it below

Anyways guys, thank you so much for the love and support. Enjoy my favourite Christmas song ever. It is by Tobymac and it is called This Christmas

Happy Holidays

Love, Harry 🙂

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