My Podcast Story: Barney from Rant Nation #PodcastDay

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In commemoration of International Podcast Day, I am chatting with podcasters in Nigeria to share their experience when it comes to podcasting and why it is important to start the conversation.

The first Podcaster I spoke to was Barney from Rant Nation. It is a show that provides a weekly dose of pop culture with large wop of healthy banter to jumpstart your nerves.

Check out our conversation

ME: How did you discover podcasting?

BARNEY: I discovered podcasting through someone on Twitter. He just tweeted about someone’s podcast called The Read and he said it’s something I should consider doing.
ME: Can you tell us about your podcast?

BARNEY: My podcast is called Rant Nation and I co host it with Yela and it’s basically were we talk about hot topics and issues we have with the society. We also talk about music, movies and books we read.
ME: What will you say are the benefits of podcasting?

BARNEY: It is unfiltered and you can basically say what you want to say because no one is censoring you. You can do it in your house or in the car. You can make mistakes and learn as you go.
ME: What can you say are some of the challenges you have encountered while podcasting?

BARNEY: Internet!!! Internet!!! Uploading is annoying because Internet service is so terrible and also Nigerians keep complaining about the size of the file or that it is too long. I legit want to scream at them that some foreign podcasts are so large the App Store wont even let you use mobile data to download the file or that they are podcasts that are 2 hours long. Getting promotion for our podcast has been very hard.
ME: How do you feel we can promote podcasts in Nigeria?

BARNEY: I really don’t know how to answer that question because it is something I’ve been struggling with as well. I think podcasters can get their friends with a cult following involved in the process just to create buzz.
ME: How do you feel podcasting is changing the use of the Internet globally.

BARNEY: It’s changing the way people see things. I know some podcasts have just made me appreciate the Internet a whole lot more

Check out an episode of Rant Nation below

If you have any podcasting questions, Tweet at @MrFaisson using the hashtag #PodcastDay

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