My Podcast Story: Fah’d Abdulmalik #PodcastDay

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In commemoration of International Podcast Day, I am chatting with podcasters in Nigeria to share their experience when it comes to podcasting and why it is important to start the conversation.

Check out my conversation with Fah’d Abdulmalik.


ME: Tell us about your Podcast.

FAH’D: Well “The Concise Space” is a movement! It’s a satirical podcast that dives onto trending social issues emerging from Nigeria and the international scene. There’s no way you’d listen without laughing.

ME: When did you decide to start podcasting?

FAH’D: Like forever! There was this need to push out stuff that’s engaging as it’s creative. I have always been fascinated with the idea of having a show one could listen to anywhere, at any time and then I discovered BBC radio 1 podcasts during my undergraduate years – this rest is history as they say.

ME: How has the experience been so far?

FAH’D: Overwhelming! I must say that the feedback is entertaining and it always is an inspiration that someone who knows someone and new fans everyday are listening and enjoying the show.

ME: What are some of the challenges that you face?

FAH’D: Let’s see, in addition to poor internet access and available resources, the low level awareness of how awesome podcasts are. Production can be a hassle sometimes given time factor of pushing out content, not forgetting that fellow podcasters do not network.

ME: How can we start the podcast conversation in Nigeria?

FAH’D: Right! That’s why we have days like the “International Podcast Day” to bring to the fore the role of podcasts. In my opinion, as content creators, we have to advertise our work in a myriad of ways; already we have the usual social media channels that’s centred around family and friends, crowdsourcing advertisements with resources such as “CoPromote”, organising events tailored to your audience, to provide that hype. It’s important that we also push out content that can compete internationally. Work with a vision of how you want your podcast to be addressed.

ME: What is your hope for the future of podcasting  in Nigeria?

FAH’D: In the nearest future, an improved sense of awareness and increase in the number of both podcasts and subscribers. I would love to see podcasts used in other media productions plus better networking among content providers. Hopefully too, we have home-grown services such as iTunes and SoundCloud that curate, host and share our content with subscribers home and abroad.


Listen to an episode of The Concise Space here.

If you have questions for Fah’d on podcasting, message him on Twitter @ScalarSeven using the hashtag #PodcastDay

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