My Podcast Story: Osagie Alonge #PodcastDay

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In commemoration of International Podcast Day, I am chatting with podcasters in Nigeria to share their experience when it comes to podcasting and why it is important to start the conversation.

I spoke with celebrated Entertainment Journalist and host of Facts Only, Osagie Alonge on podcasting and how we can start the conversation here.


ME: How did you discover podcasting?
OSAGIE: It was back in 2009; I am a very big user of the iTunes app – I was curious of the podcast button so I clicked on it and it open another world for me. I got to listen to different DJ set mixes, listen to educative podcasts like Stuff You Should Know and more.


ME: Can you tell us about your podcast?
OSAGIE: It’s called ‘Loose Talk’ – I’m a co-host along with my colleagues at work (Pulse Nigeria), Steve Dede and Ayomide Tayo. We chat a lot in the office about Pop culture, music, movies, almost anything. We just thought to record it and share with the world.
ME: What will you say are the benefits of podcasting?
OSAGIE: For starters, it’s a no-holds-barred platform; you are not bound by rules and regulations. You can literally say anything you want which can’t be done on radio. You can also share on different channels – social, web and offer for downloads. You can also focus on niche content.


ME: What can you say are some of the challenges you have encountered while podcasting?
OSAGIE: You always have to use the right equipment. The better the sound quality, the better the user experience. There’s also consistency – you can’t miss a publication.


ME: How can we promote podcasts in the country?
OSAGIE: We need to start getting short clips of the podcast on radio then redirect listeners to web. We need local podcast networks to collate and promote local podcasts


Listen to an episode of Loose Talk below

If you have any questions for Osagie on podcasting, message him on Twitter @OsaGz and use the hashtag #PodcastDay


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