My Podcast Story: Tosyn Bucknor #PodcastDay

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In commemoration of International Podcast Day, I am chatting with podcasters in Nigeria to share their experience when it comes to podcasting and why it is important to start the conversation.

I spoke with popular On Air Personality, Tosyn Bucknor and we had an amazing conversation. Check it out.


ME: How did you discover podcasting?
TOSYN: You know I am trying hard to actually remember the ‘How’. I know I have always been aware of podcasts, and a friend once told me about some podcast he always downloaded- it was like the best moments from some radio show in England or so. From then, the idea interested me and I started to try to get some podcasts for myself.
ME: How long have you been podcasting for?
TOSYN: I would say on and off two years.
ME: What will you say are the benefits of podcasting?
TOSYN: Podcasting is awesome for ANYONE because
– it gives you an outlet for self expression
– it helps you promote your brand or ideas
– podcasts teach
– podcasts are not restrictive. They can be any length, they can touch on anything
– podcasts are usually not live so you can listen to them on the go.
ME: What can you say are some of the challenges you encountered while podcasting?
TOSYN: I think getting people to understand what it is you are trying to do with it.
ME: How can we promote podcasts in Nigeria?
TOSYN: I think promoting podcasts on social media is a good way to start. I have a grand idea that they should also be promoted on radio!
ME: Tell us a little bit about your podcasts.
TOSYN: So right now I have three main podcasts. The first is ‘The Tosyn Bucknor Show’ which is like fifteen to thirty minutes of me talking about pop culture, things I like and more.
The second is ‘OAP 101‘. It is a podcast for aspiring media personalities as it teaches the tricks and rules of media based on my vast experience.
The third is a joint podcast dealing with anything and everything girls like to talk about.
ME: What can we expect from the Tosyn Bucknor brand in the future.
TOSYN: Mehn! Expect more regular podcasting, YouTube, Facebook live shows, music (yes yes yes Harry) and more content.
I love the sound of new music from Tosyn! Listen to some of her podcasts below

If you have any questions for Tosyn on podcasting, message her on Twitter @TosynBucknor and use the hashtag #PodcastDay

PS: I was a guest one time on The Tosyn Bucknor Show.  Check it out here.


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