My Semi-Review of Michelle Bello’s Flower Girl

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If you don’t know, I hate reviewing things. That was like my least favourite course in the University but I have to talk about this movie. I’ll just list a few things that caught my eye while I watched the film.

Before I start though, I want to say that this is one movie where ALL the cast members are not the usual IN YOUR FACE actors of Nollywood but they gave even better performances from the regular actors. Loved the movie. Loved the chemistry between the characters. Pretty cool. Alright. The movie is about Kemi, a florist who wants to get married to her boyfriend Umar. Umar doesn’t exactly want to tie the knot and she teams up with Tunde Kulani (Like Seriously?lol) to make him jealous.




1. Damilola Adegbite is an awesome actress. The way she interpreted the role and gave it life. Loved it totally.

2. Bikiya Graham Douglas plays the best friend and was on point with her role. If I meet her, I might probably be expecting to see the eccentric personality I saw in the film.

3. I love Eku Edewor. I think she is learning pretty fast and if she keeps at this, she will be a force to reckon with.

4. Chris Attoh was SO into his character. He played the uptight dude so well even to the part where he was always adjusting his glasses. Loved it

5. This Chuks Chukwujekwu looks so much like Steve Harris sha!!! lol. Anyways, I wasn’t expecting the guy to be a good actor I won’t deny but I have to say he stepped up to the plate and acted WELL! I really hope to see him take up more roles in the future.

6. There were some scenes that were just visuals without audio. I still don’t get the concept.

7. Kemi’s parents were hilarious. Had me wondering if there are Nigerian parents like that. Well, one can never know.

8. There is a scene were the power went off. Like I actually said (Ye! Nepa took light lol). Funny thing, that was one of my favourite parts of the movie.

9. “Don’t worry young man, you’ll get a real job”. Kemi’s dad to her fake actor boyfriend. That got me laughing.

10. I love the Gym scene. Pretty much on point.

11.  The fight scene WAS TOO LONG!!! Plus no one was trynna separate them. I found that pretty strange.

12. Kudos to whoever did the script. They did an awesome job.


I am very proud of the New Generation of Nollywood filmmakers. They are making quality movies that we can be proud of. This movie is one good movie and I encourage you to check it out.




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