On Shantell, P-Square and A Horrible Publicity Stunt

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So I was minding my business this morning; sorting through my mails when I came across an email from “MUSIC WORLD.” Normally, I get close to 15 press releases daily from different publicists/managers looking to promote their acts and I like to take time to at least check them out so that it’s not I am just ignoring messages. I opened the Music World email and what I saw amused and shocked me at the same time . (I have highlighted some parts of the email to emphasize the stupidity/joke/unseriousness of the whole thing)


  I hereby apologizes to whom it may concern especially to Shantell and her management and ofcourse to the Bosses Peter and Paul Okoye (P square) for this proper-gander. A friend of mine sent me the track saying Shantell just featured Psquare in which I won’t disclose his name because I want to bear this cross alone. The voice deceived me just like it deceived plenty. I didn’t know it was not P square. All I wanted to do is to surprise Shantell and her management. My Intention was to drop it in people’s email for people to download before the Official release of the track from her and her management. To my surprise the track went viral on the internet. Plenty websites have blogged it. What came to my mind was “Have they released this track before I did mine? I smiled and called myself a little fool because what i wrote about the track is not what i see in the websites that have the track. Looking at how this news is going viral, i can see clearly that its all my fault for raising the false alarm. 

Special Apology to Shantell because I know this shock might be affecting her judging from the position she holds in the entertainment industry. I pray this doesn’t affect her music career negatively but positively. Shantell I meant no harm. By now you might have figure out one or two things. If finally you traced this false alarm to me, I’m deeply sorry. Its not what you think. I’m over that already. Thanks.


Bosses Peter and Paul Okoye. You don’t know me but I know you. I’m so sorry for what I might have caused with your names. In fact I’m your number one Fan. Personally I’m a Rude Boy and I want all the girls in this world to Do Me. Big big apology to you. Please put the blame on me. But the artiste on the Nkemu track really sounds like one of you. He is GloriousBeat. I think you should be on the remix of that track bosses. In fact I’m begging you to be. Maybe this will make this whole issue to die down and for Shantell and her management to calm down. I would really appreciate it if this request is granted.


To the website owners and fans of Shantell and Psquare all over the world that is mad at me for this false alarm. I tender my apology in a great way. I wish I can reverse what has happened but I cant. I only hope what I’m writing now will make things better. I don’t know if i should type this and send it or not because I’m confused. All I want to do is to make things right. Proper release of the track “NKEMU” and corrections will soon be out either from her management or from me because I believe I started all this Proper-gander. But for the moment, its Shantell ft GloriousBeat aka G2wyce on the track NKEMU not Psquare.


Thanks For Your Understanding.


Die Hard Fan Of Shantell


The email cracked me up! I mean come on!!! Who do they think they are fooling? So now we are supposed to automatically believe that someone gave you a song to listen to. After checking it out, you like it so much you decide to “drop it in people’s email” without the consent of the artiste. You go to the trouble of “dropping it” in the email of major bloggers and you even went to the stress of designing an album art for the song.


Wow! This love must be strong.

Apparently, after the song was released; Peter of P-Square denied the group’s involvement on Twitter


Peter Okoye Tweet Peter Tweet


The Shantell singer went on Twitter and posted these messages

Shantelle Tweet
Wow. You are?


Shantelle Tweet 2
Then don’t type!
Shantelle Tweet 3
And how will you know that?
Shantelle Tweet 4
Why don’t you ask your manager?
Shantelle Tweet 5
Good way to drop in another single. Nice use of hashtags too
Shantelle Tweet 6
Shantelle Tweet 7
Y’all are confused? Really?
Shantelle Tweet 8
Why are you apologizing “on behalf of the person?” Should he not own up to his actions for putting a dent in your brand?
Shantelle Tweet 9
Blogger really?


This is just a joke and is obviously a horrible publicity stunt by Shantell and her management. What intrigues me about the entire situation is that they actually thought it was going to work. Did they somehow imagine that P-Square will listen to the song and do a “remix” like the Anonymous Die hard fan of Shantell suggested? This has not helped you Shantell as it just seems you are just desperate for attention. Unfortunately, no one is talking about this epic fail. You didn’t trend on Social Media. The P-Square brothers have moved on, Nigerians don’t care who you feature on your song and I will be over this as soon as I hit the publish button on this post.


Oh and to the die hard fan of Shantell that sent the email that inspired this post, you need to get yourself a hobby… and fast!




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