On that Scandal Thing: A Semi Recap of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (S2Ep14)

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Scandal is my guilty pleasure and IT IS ANNOYING!!! I try very hard to limit the way I watch it and I also try to curb my obsession but it never seems to happen. Anyways, I have been looking forward to this episode of Scandal because of how the previous episode ended. Verna told Fitz everything about Defiance and he and Olivia  finally ended their awkward-very-weird-totally-wrong-but-we-love-it-anyways relationship. Fans (Including Yours Truly) were eager to see how they will handle this separation and as many guessed they aint handling it well.scandal


So to the episode, it has been 10 months since Fitz told Olivia not to wait for him and I find it strange that in TEN WHOLE MONTHS, Cyrus and Olivia did not see the president to discuss why he was acting strange. It took them TEN WHOLE MONTHS to know that maybe, just maybe he would have figured out what they did. I expected more here Scandal Writers but lets move on.


This episode was kind of slow to be honest. It didn’t have all the excitement that every scene in Scandal gives but it still ended on a brilliant note. I’ll take you through my observations

1. I am worried for Fitz. Drinking in the Shower? Like seriously? Plus Mellie comes in (If you are below 18 please leave now) and  tries to please him through oral sex and while she is doing that he keeps drinking his whiskey, not feeling any emotion.  I mean SERIOUSLY? I am worried for him.


2. David Rosen has been set up. Turns out in the past 10 months he lost his job and practices law from his apartment while he lectures at what looks like a community college. Oh how the mighty have fallen. It’s your fault Olivia! Anyways, David Rosen has been set up, a chic has been murdered in his apartment and guess who he calls to clean up his mess? Olivia Pope. Well her team try to help him but somehow he helps himself in the end… well sort of… he then takes Olivia off the case, I mean she ruined his life. He brings out his cheque book (Oh I forgot to mention, his mum paid his rent for the past month)  He brings it out and says “How Much Do I Owe You?” Olivia replies “For What?” and David Rosen brilliantly says “For your services? Or did you take a commission when I sold my soul to the Devil?” This guy is just too good. Please these two should date already jare. Anyways, Olivia walks out and says David can’t afford her. Which is true. Somehow David finds a flash that belonged to the chic who was murdered and it contained files that are a breach of national security and blah blah blah… He shows it to Olivia, she gives him a speech about dusting the white hat and they are working together again. Plus it is kinda cool to see Pope and Associates doing real work again.


3. Olivia has a new love interest. Well, Kind off.


She meets him first at a coffee shop. How cliche right? But love is a cliche so… (I think I am drifting). Anyways, they meet he says he sells Office supplies, she says she is a tour guide. They smile at each other and he walks out. Turns out his name is Jake and he works in the Pentagon and he called the chic that was murdered in David’s apartment and most of all he is super creepy as he has surveillance camera’s all over Olivia’s house. Kai!

4. Abby and Huck are having some weird sexual tension. Thats all I can say about this. It is just weird.
5. Mellie is a green snake. Like GREEN SNAKE!!! In other to look like the innocent one in the Defiance saga, she heaps the blame on Cyrus. We all know that Cyrus’ flaws are many but still, Cyrus and Liv are the only ones that have Fitz back. Oh well, Mellie has done what she does best.
6. So after Cyrus’ baby christening (Fitz is the godfather, Liv is the godmother), Olivia starts to walk out and Fitz follows her and you can guess what happens. After the sex, Olivia tries to apologize, Fitz says he was betrayed and called the sex they just had a mistake. He added that even though he might not be able to control his erections around her, it was over for real. (That was hilarious). Here is my deal, I feel the chemistry between Fitz and Olivia, it is there even when they are not having sex. Still I think the Writers should explore other angles to their love. 80% of the time we see Fitz and Olivia expressing their love to each other is when they are having sex. To me, it just means that Mellie is bad in bed and Olivia is compensating. The writers should explore dialogues and use events to show that the love they have for each other is way more than the sex. For example, since Season 1 of New Girl everyone knows Jess and Nick have chemistry and through the growth of the series we see that they love each other deeply even if they are still “friends”. I feel Scandal should explore other options because to me I feel once the sex starts to suck, the love won’t prevail.
In all it was a good episode. Loved the way it ended when they showed Creepy Jake monitoring Olivia. I want to see what his plans are and I think Olivia is on to him. I might be wrong though. I don’t usually review series but I had to review this episode because we #Gladiators were curious with how the Liv/Fitz break up was going to turn out. I have to go do other things now. Please drop a comment.  🙂

16 thoughts on “On that Scandal Thing: A Semi Recap of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (S2Ep14)

  1. I am the first to comment!!!! Well, I think I loved this episode. It was exciting from the first scene to the last. I agree with you when you say Olivia is on to that guy. I still love her and Fitz together in the end

  2. This Scandal matter, looks like I’m the last kid on the block who is yet to watch it.

    Lovely review Harry. I hope to get round to it sooner than later.
    How have you been anyways? Its bn a while!

  3. Lol, Harry…typos!!!

    Everything you said was true! I liked the New Girl example for Fitz and Liv! Sex much? #hian!
    I was really excited watching this episode. I really want to know WHY and HOOOWWW they got to bug olivia? Heey! Dis one na feem o! Lol

    Nice one Harry, as always! 🙂

  4. Meeeeeeeeeen, Tthere’s nothing left to say Harry, you said it all. This episode was slow but it took us on a roller coaster. Dayum! I love this series.

  5. There’s nothing wrong in expressing love through sex, constantly.

    The only thing I dislike with olitz is how vulnerable Ms Pope is when she’s around him. That’s the aspect of their love that pinches my butt.

    And about the 10months jump, I felt it was TOO much for all the had in the show. 4months would’ve worked fine. Especially considering the defiance saga.

    Oh Mellie! Your thirst for power will be the death of you.

    And as for Captain, you aint gon tell me Huck will let him be like that for long. Huck will soon do what he knows best: TO KILL.

  6. Well, maybe one day….. As for all the sex on TV today, Oh they know what they are doing…. So it’s Shonda’s Show. Harry you may have sold it to me sooner if you had mentioned that. But as I said…. Maybe one day soon….

  7. Am I the only one who really does not want Fitz with Olivia? It just seems like this crazy obsession, and I know Millie is pretty much the devil, but she’s his wife. STOP CHEATING! And Olivia needs to grow a backbone and move on, or she’ll just stay a booty call.

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