#OrphanBlack: As a Tribute to an Epic Season Two Finale, These are my Top 7 Clones #TheCloneClub #OrphanBlackFinale

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If you haven’t seen the Television Show Orphan Black, you are on a long thing. The show that just wrapped up it’s second season is one of the best shows on TV right now (Very underrated, if I might add here). However, watching the show, you cannot help but fall in love with Tatiana Maslany; the brilliant actress that plays over 7 characters on the show. I really don’t know why she hasn’t gotten her Emmy for the different clones that she portrays. Trust me when you watch the show you will think the clones are played by different people. Nope. It is one actress doing it all. Ms. Maslany.

Orphan Black Cast


The Season Two finale was pretty awesome though. We got a chance to see the four main clones together at once. The scene with all four of them dancing in Felix’s apartment was gold¬† and all will play an integral part as the story unfolds.

These are my top 7 clones. From my least favourite to my most favourite ūüôā

7. Beth Childs

Beth Childs

Beth Childs. The Cop who couldn’t handle it all and took her own life. Her character seemed pretty interesting but any time we got a piece of her back story, it came with so much pain and was tiring to watch. She is my least favourite of all the characters

6. Rachel Duncan

Rachel Duncan

Villains usually are very attractive to viewers but Rachel lost us as soon as she realised her father was alive. There was a time when I actually liked her and thought she was gonna join her sisters and fight the good fight but I guess Orphan Black didn’t give us that cliche. I mean, her father had to kill himself just to get away from her. Still I loved her character. I hope she comes back in Season 3. Preferably with an eye patch.

5. Tony/Antoinette Sawicki


He¬† appeared in one episode but he was phenomenal! What Tatiana did with that character, gosh! He was a transgender clone who Beth was apparently trying to contact before she decided to kill herself. It was good to have someone who isn’t technically a member of The Clone Club. Thankfully he doesn’t have to deal with the drama that comes with it. I hope they bring him back in Season 3.

4. Alison Hendrix

Alison Hendrix

I like Alison. The girl has been through a lot but still finds a way to come out strong. I also love that her character does the silliest/comical things. At first, she seemed like the strongest of all of them but with time we find out that she actually is very vulnerable. I love how her character has grown and I always look forward to Alison spicing up my TV every once in a while

3. Helena


Oh Helena! To me this is the character that grew. We  have seen many sides of Helena but we all know she has saved the day more than once. I like the place Helena was in her life just before the Military came and abducted her. I just pray they do not ruin the Helena that we have grown to love so much

2. Cosima Niehaus


Cosima!!! I love her so much. I have since the very first time we were introduced to her. Laid back. Cool. Calculated (Apart from when she got with Delphine).  A lot of emotional moments for me in the finale because the writers made it seem like she was going to die. Thank God for Prof. Duncan and Kira. There is a chance that she will be back in Season 3.

1. Sarah Manning

Sarah Manning

Yes. It is cliche for the lead character to be the one I love the best. Oh well. Sarah is the glue that holds it all together. She is the one who is always at the forefront fighting to protect not just her family but the clones. She is the survivor. The one who doesn’t always make the best choices but the right ones. She is our Sarah Manning. The incredible survivor we love. Although I will love to know how she handles the information she was given as the season wrapped up.

Did I hear you ask what information?

Male Clones!!!

Yes there are male clones.

It is called Project CASTOR and you know the Prolethean guy Mark that is so in love with “Gracie”… He is a clone!

I can’t wait for Season three guys. BBC America!!! What it do???





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