25 Apr, 2018

harry | EP 37 | The Sentence Challenge with Juke, Foladele and Hojay

My friends and I played the Sentence Challenge and it was so much fun. Check

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16 Apr, 2018

harry | EP 36 | Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (Reaction Video with Drewbaba)

I saw Tyler Perry's Acrimony last week with my good friend, Drewbaba and we shot

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8 Apr, 2018

The 90s made a comeback and I am here for it!

Everyone around me knows that I am obsessed with the 90s and early 2000s. Everything

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6 Apr, 2018

harry | EP 35 | The Ups and Downs for Pop Culture Commentary

A recent experience on social media has caused me to talk about the ups and

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9 Mar, 2018

harry | EP 34 | A Day in the life of a Television Presenter

My job is fun and I am blessed to be able to this everyday. Here

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26 Feb, 2018

harry | EP 33 | MTV Shuga Naija Season 6 Premiere + Reaction Video

I got a chance to attend the MTV Shuga Naija Season 6 Premiere and I

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14 Feb, 2018

harry | EP 32 | You have to go see Black Panther (with Foladele and Hojay)

This was a very great episode to shoot as Foladele, Hojay and I share why

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8 Feb, 2018

harry | EP 31 | Should you go watch the new Nigerian film, June?

June is a brand new Nigerian film starring Michelle Dede, Vector, Empress Njamah and Uche

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31 Jan, 2018

harry | EP 30 | Emem Okwoche’s Surprise

Bunmi and I decided to surprise Emem following the birth of her baby and it

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19 Jan, 2018

harry | EP 29 | A Quick Chat with Sabina Ddumba

Sabina Ddumba was a guest on Entertainment Splash and after the show, I had to

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16 Jan, 2018

harry | EP 28 | Let’s talk 2018 (with Foladele Ngadi)

It is a new year and this is my first vlog for 2018!!!! But as

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13 Jan, 2018

Let us work together in 2018

Let us work together in 2018. This is a PSA for everyone who says they

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