#PebblesOnWendy: Former TLC Manager Claims Chilli slept with LA. Reid and that she has asked for a retraction

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In  my earlier review of CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, I mentioned that Pebbles was portrayed as someone who stole from TLC and I added that it will be interesting to hear her side of the story.

Well, Pebbles has spoken! and it was very juicy!!!

In an interview with Talk Show Host, Wendy Williams Pebbles spoke about her relationships with the girls and that she has asked VH1 to retract the movie adding that VH1 has sent her a telegram saying that the movie is  “not a true story”. She said the reason she hadn’t spoken about it all this years was because there were confidentiality agreements that were signed but she maintains she didn’t steal from the group. She added that the girls saw their contracts because they had to see it to negotiate it and that they had their attorneys but she referred the attorneys.

Pebbles and Wendy Williams


Pebbles also said that she didn’t pay them $25 ever! She added that she never suspended or wanted to kick Chilli out of the group and it was all T-Boz and Left Eye’s idea because Chilli was sleeping with Dallas Austin. She also said Chilli was sleeping with LA Reid and that she won’t go into the details because she wants to leave that for her “tell-all” book.

I think the coolest part of the interview for me was when Wendy asked Pebbles “Is any part of the movie true?” and she replied “I wore Chanel Bags”

Now that I have heard from Pebbles, I am still not satisfied. There are missing truths in a lot of places. Maybe LA reid and Dallas Austin should say it as they remember it.

Anyways, watch the interview and sound off in the comment box below.



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