Poetry by Tejay Joe: Glass heart

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I put it up on the surface

For one to see

But all could see the beauty in me


Like a windscreen it was my layer of protection

Like a pair of glasses I used it to see the world

In three dimensions


Oh what detail I saw

Sheep without their disguise

And wolves with souls

It saw nothing but possibility

And things encased in gold


Dear heart

You glimmer in light as diamonds

But I forgot your value

And wore you as sleeve

Then came the thieves


Without an inscription of fragility

I attracted reality

Those who saw but couldn’t handle with care

Those who took advantage of innocence so crystal clear


Whilst I became life’s zombie

I walked the planet scorched for eternity

Bruising the ones who tried to fix me

Killing the ones who tried to use me


Alas! I came to the edge of my world

Set to fall off in the abyss

Odd cause that’s where I met a zombie like me

That couldn’t feel pain from my hurt and rivalry


It built me another, one filed with wonder

A blood stained glass heart

With a smile he disappeared

Into the abyss of the one we feared


Not without leaving me all his blood

Now that heart beats to his tone


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