Poetry by Tejay Joe: Nine

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It is Wednesday!!!

And Wednesdays are for Tejay Joe. Check out his latest piece titled “Nine.” It is amazing


It’s been nine years since it lived

The shadow of our friendship has finally seen the light

Every trace disappears as the truth dawns exposing us

It took a crook to lay waste what I thought had just began


Like a careless car accident, its obituary states

With a heavy heart not quantified by any unit of weight

I’m sad to announce that nine years had a tragic end

Now let me account each beautiful year spent


First year was about discovery

We knew our gifts now but a memory

The very thing that made us bond

No longer holds this humpty like a magic wand


Second year was about fun

We shared a space, yes! It was fun

We scratched and had each other’s backs

We found insecurities within those cracks

Even when we started a band

I saw your flaws but said I’d stand


Third year was about others

You found your clique

Didn’t you know you were the other in my brother?

You left me to fend for me

Forcing me to move on, all alone

As I watched from afar what was my own


Four through seven was about distance

I grew thick skin, it was acceptance

That though I lost out in many ways

I still reached out in the months of mays

Never forgot a birthday or those days

Where we sang and laughed, in time it washed away

But I longed for those days

Where we soaked garri and had no pay


The eighth year was about God

He heard my cry for a job

He chose a vessel I never knew

But I thought his plan for my new brother included you

I fought so hard to get your attention

But God had a plan, if only I had detection

You may not be the one I’m looking for, but you’re the one who knows me more

I reached out to make a re-connection

Instead I was invisible

Like a past twitter mention


The Ninth Year was about Death

I came to terms with every breath

Even if this crook killed what we had

It was an accident, I shouldn’t be mad

To every beginning there is an end

But I mourn for the loss of my friend

Not like he died per-say

But the one I knew for nine years had been taken away


As I count my blessings in this timeline

I remember my mistakes that caused its great demise

If I hadn’t left the car seat for that crook

I wouldn’t also be here blaming me, the sentimental man

I’d be counting one more year

A big One Zero – that’d be TEN

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