Poetry by Tejay Joe: Prisoner

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Hey guys!

So my friend Tejay Joe is an amazing singer, writer and poet (and y’all know how I feel about poetry 🙂 ). We are starting a new column on the site called Poetry by Tejay Joe and I will like you guys to check it out every Wednesday for your weekly dose of awesome poetry. Enjoy



Let’s build a house made of secrets
Let’s build a home made of lies
Let’s hope the rats won’t run around surprised
Let’s make it a castle for war
With Love as our battle field, casualties on each floor
Let’s make it a labyrinth with hidden doors
Minding our business while we eavesdrop on walls

We hide our losses in the river
Pull up the draw bridge! Alert the guards!

Someone bold knocks while we quiver
The new fortress doors echo our silence

But I’d rather we stay shot in misery
And remain a wonder to passengers
A Mystery

Come one! come all! Let’s host a ball
And put our lives on auction display
Let’s trade this hell to the highest bidder
Our mystery estate is dreamer’s new fate
Let’s sweep the crap under the rug
Let’s dance on the carcass of our flaws
Let’s pretend we are happy to make this sale
Let’s divorce our pride and then walk away

Rat! A penny less woman screamed
For what she lacked in coin she compensated in speech
She exposed our awe and mystery to be an act
Uncovered the dead bodies of our souls
And our scars to old and new foes
Run! What is dead now floats
The party is over, our guests took cover

The doors shut us back in in ridicule

As we picked up their words as guns & fuel

A new civil war began to brew


Let’s hope death for me my love

Cause’ this prison is a solitary for the dead

The victor gets to keep the property

But the loser gets to leave and be happy

Hope you enjoy your loss but I chose to remain a victor

And rule this castle once our home as …

its prisoner

9 thoughts on “Poetry by Tejay Joe: Prisoner

  1. Wow nice poem and nice write. I really enjoyed this work of yours. I look forward to reading and enjoying more of your thoughts put to paper. Bravo!

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