Poetry by Tejay Joe: Scoreboard

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You know the players …

Faces may teams change
But the game?
There’s never a champion

It’s a losing one
No matter what side you play for
You can win but lose what you’re fighting for

I’ve been benched a couple of times
But my score board still reads
Even after a fatal win

Time wasn’t on my side
Cause a timeout would mean
I’d have to play a new team

My specialty is one on one
I’d rather play a couple
Some go pro and play quadruple

Defense or offense
What’s my strategy ?
But my experience remain in my injury

Some choose not to play
And have their score boards ticking away
points to them, it’s the loner’s way

It’s round 26
But I’d rather play against myself
This way I still get losing points…

just for breathing

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