R.I.P Achebe #WhatWillYourLifeCountFor

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It was a regular day at the office. Everyone trying to do their jobs (or not). My colleague came over and told me she had to do a story on Chinua Achebe. She said word was out that he had passed away and she had to write a story to that effect. I didn’t really take it to heart. I mean, a lot of people had been rumoured to have died… Wole Soyinka, Nelson Mandela and it always turned out to be a rumour.


Well, this was no rumour.

Chinua Achebe

Achebe had passed on.


Things Fall Apart. Anthills of the Savannah. No Longer At Ease. Arrow of God. Those were the books I read as a child. Those are the memories I have of Achebe. His books even though somehow complicated for me at that age, still fascinated me.


Even though I may not be familiar with the man Achebe or his works, I am overwhelmed by his legacy. The strides he has made in African literature will forever be remembered.  As I read up on his life, one questions comes to heart… again: What Will My Life Count For?


R.I.P Achebe


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  1. As funny as this may sound, In SS1, when i took a quick read at Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah I realized I had no business taking Geography as an elective and i immediately switched to Literature. The realness with which he wrote was overwhelming. And I’m sad I never got to meet him before his demise. Well I’ll forever respect him coz he knew how to tell it as it was. No sugar-coating.

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