Sex for Bants

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Hey guys!

So a series of events inspired this short story. I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you have fun reading it. Its not that serious. This is not the African Writers Series. πŸ˜‰

Enjoy, comment and do not forget to share πŸ˜€


“Hey! Are you home?”
I looked at the BBM message from my friend, Jola.
“Yea.” I responded.
“Coming over”

In 20 minutes, Jola was in my house and on my couch. She had on tight ripped jeans with a Yale sweatshirt. She likes to flaunt that she went to Yale. At first it was cute but now it’s getting old. Is she the first person to go abroad?

“You and this your Yale sweatshirt.Β  You need to give it out. I think we all know you schooled abroad by now”

“Stop with this nonsense jor. You know why I love it. Besides, that’s not the issue. I just need my best friend right now.”

Yes. There is that. Jola sees me as her best friend. I never imagined that in my 28 years on earth, I would have a female best friend. I guess the gods had a plan for me.

Thing is, Jola is so hot!!! I don’t mean regular hot; she is BeyoncΓ© hot. She has got lovely caramel skin with lips perfect for kissing. And not forgetting her boobs. Lawd have mercy! It’s the perfect size. Not too big and not too small. She is divine!

I am sure at this point you know I am attracted to Jola. To be honest is not like I want to marry her or anything (even though that won’t be so bad). I just want to be able to make out with her and fondle the fondables. Is that too much to ask?

“Emeka!” Jola’s voice brought me back to reality.
“I am sorry. I am with you.”
“I called Fawaz today.”
“I need closure.”
“You need a good fuck!”
“I am sorry.”

Did I mention that Jola is born again? She takes her Christianity very seriously and won’t compromise it for anyone. To be honest, I admired her for it. A lot of millennials don’t have convictions and just live life based on feelings. Not trying to dismiss feelings but sometimes you need convictions. Too bad, Jola keeps falling for the wrong guys.

“I don’t know what to do. I mean did you see his Instagram post last week on my birthday. It was so touching.”
“It’s just Instagram. It’s not that serious.”
“He had smoothies delivered to my office on Monday.”
“He is engaged. They have done introduction. The one you went for to get closure remember? To prove you have moved on.”
“Why do I do this? Why am I stuck on Fawaz? ”
“It’s normal. You dated him for 5 years. I am even shocked he moved on so fast”
“Maybe I am naive.”
“Is this what we are doing now? Am I hosting your pity party?”

I really like Jola and I hate to see her like this. Five years is no joke and I understand how it can be hard to move on especially since the douchebag broke up with her.

“I understand you are hurt and confused. I understand Fawaz is making it hard to let go but you have to. It’s his loss so you don’t get to feel bad. You should thank God that he saved you from what would have been a horrible marriage”
“I know. But there are reminders everywhere.”
“Then get rid of those reminders. Delete his number. Block him on Instagram. Do what you need to do. That’s how you can get the closure you are looking for”

Jola looked at me and smiled even though she was tearing up. Maybe she really is my best friend. Maybe not. What matters is that I am here when she needs me. I pull Jola close to me and put my arms around her. She leans in and cleans her tears on my Arsenal jersey.

“My shirt don turn your hankie abi? ” I teased

She laughed and gave me a slight nudge.

“You truly are amazing, Emeka. I am so glad that you are in my life. Plus how can I reciprocate the love and advice you give?”
“We could have sex for bants?
“What na? I am only kidding”

Or not.


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  1. That’s five minutes I can’t get back …so you have turn to Nollywood and we should wait for part two? Hian! But I like it ??✊?

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