Short Story: An Untitled Story

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I have not written a short story in ages so this is me trying to get my writing mojo back. I hope you enjoy it and yes, I could not find a title for it.

Oh well



Ejiro grabbed the television remote from the coffee stool in the hospital waiting room. She tried to distract herself from the thought of Tosin. She flipped through the channels hoping to find something that will resonate with her. She needed something to calm her down and take her mind of her boyfriend of 8 years lying down on a surgical table.

After a few minutes of going through the channels endlessly, she put the remote back and tried to finish the novel she was reading. Still, her mind wasn’t fixed on the book. I mean, who was she kidding? Ejiro had not read a book in years and there certainly wasn’t enough motivation at the moment to read again.

Oh well.

She lay on the hospital sofa and let her mind drift to the good old days. She met Tosin when she was on holiday. He was in his final year at the University of Lagos and she was a freshman at Michigan State University. They were completely different people but they loved each other totally. He understood her in ways even her own family didn’t and she love him completely for that.

She remembered when they had their first fight. She came into town earlier for the long holidays after she completed her 2nd year and Tosin was supposed to pick her up from the airport. After waiting for an hour, Tosin comes; by then Ejiro was furious so they got in an argument at the airport. Still, what she loves about that incident is the way he came back to apologise. It was on the ride to her parent’s house. After the drama at the airport, she told him she wasn’t following him home anymore and that he should just take her home. On the way there, he parked the car in the middle of the road,  and told her he was sorry. He told her he acted like a child and that she had every right to be angry with him.

She smiled to her self. She stood up, stepped into the hallway and headed to the nurses station.

“Hi. I am Ejiro. I am here to check on Tosin Pedro”

“Oh. The patient that came in for a transplant. Are you family?” The nurse asked

“Yes. We are engaged”

“What of his parents?” The nurse asked again

Ejiro was getting impatient. Who was this nurse asking all these  questions? This was her problem with hospitals.

“His parents are late. All he has is his sister but she is in Abuja”
“Ok. Please ma. Give me a few minutes”

Ejiro wondered what the problem was.. She had accompanied Tosin to this hospital for four months and no one had asked her all these questions. She folded her arms and started pacing the hallway. She was getting worried and she started biting the flesh around her fingers. Tosin always teased her about the habit. He even joked about it when he proposed to her last year, telling their friends he was afraid to instagram a picture of the ring on her finger.

“Tosin Pedro. You gotta make it” she murmured to herself.

They should have been married already. News of his kidney failure had changed the course of their lives. They had to postpone the wedding until he was better. It was the right thing to do.

She looked up and saw a figure in the distance. It was Doctor Akinpelu, Tosin’s doctor. He walked towards her and he didn’t look so excited.

“Hello Ejiro. How you feeling?” He asked her

“I have seen better days doctor. Any news” she asked him


“Unnmm. Hmmm…”

“Dr Akin?”


“I am so sorry. We tried to save him….”

And Ejiro’s heart sank.

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