Short Story: I hope you choke!

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This story was inspired by a series of events in my life. I am in a weird place but I will be fine. Remember, great vibes only.

Enjoy this story and be sure to share and drop your comments. I love you for reading 🙂


There she is. Smiling and drinking wine. It had been months since I saw Mya. It’s good to know she is doing fine. She even has on the shade of lipstick I got her at Christmas. Don’t ask me how I know? I just know.

She is laughing again. This time with her hand on her chest. There is a guy opposite her. It’s probably her new boyfriend. Or not? From what Felicia said, the guy has plenty money and is very dapper. This one don’t look fresh though. But on a second thought, who fresh epp?

Mya is looking across the room now. God please I don’t want her to catch my gaze. I am still obsessed with her. That’s strange coming from the guy who broke up with her via email. I have issues. I can’t help it.

I hope this guy is not her new boyfriend. I will be very pissed if he is the one. This restaurant was our favourite place. It will be totally unfair if she brings another guy here. It simply means she has no respect or love for the time we spent together. Did she even love me at all?

Mya’s favourite song is playing now. It’s Brandy’s rendition of “Everything I do.” She is nodding her head slowly and lip syncing to the song. She does this all the time. She reaches for her purse and pulls out her phone. Oh. Snapchat. Classic Mya. She is about to capture this moment so her thousands of followers can view it. At least for 24 hours.

The tone of the music has changed. This is not Brandy. No fucking way?! It’s Waje!!! She is singing and walking towards Mya’s table. Mya is giddy with excitement and tears are pouring down her face. The guy seating opposite her gets down on one knee. Is that a ring? No freaking way!!! Mya screams “Yes, Andre!” and gives him a hug and then a very passionate kiss. Everyone is clapping and yelling congratulations.

“Oh Damon! Aren’t you happy for for them? She seems so happy. ” a voice brought me back to the present.

Its Anita. I met her at the cinema. We have been dating for a few weeks.

I glance at her for a brief second and take my eyes back to Mya. She is grinning from ear to ear.

“I hope she chokes on it!”

11 thoughts on “Short Story: I hope you choke!

  1. All these men that stay confused ….one minute u r breaking up via email no respect at all another minute u want her to respect and value all you guys had….na so…….
    this is what you call painment …..great thing it happened in front of Damon …more like I hope he chokes on his envy and hate…..

  2. You broke up via email and you are vexed she is with another guy. You need a reality check then. Ahaha Shey she should now wait for another mail to come.
    I’m guessing she is not too fond of her mails.

  3. I love it. All that pain and uncertainty in one scene. Loss, Regret, Jealousy, Anger… The human is capable of many feelings in less than 5 minutes.
    Well done, Rami.

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