Short Story: Who is going to Love me now?

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It is 2017 and I am back with my signature short stories. I really hope you enjoy this one.
I like to consider myself a lover. I love to love and when I do, I love hard. I have no idea how I got to that place. My parents were not one to show their feelings and never used the L word so it was definitely not them. Maybe it was my love for 90s R&B or maybe that’s how God had me wired.
Still, I wish I wasn’t this way. To be constantly emotional and vulnerable is not the best feeling and it seemed to be the reality for me; especially on a day like this. A day when I am sitting opposite my ex in a restaurant begging for a second chance.  Ife was done with me and she wasn’t looking back. To be fair, it wasn’t entirely her fault.
You see Ife and I had a good thing going and then I had to complicate it with a relationship. Maybe we were never meant to be more than friends but a part of me felt I won’t find anyone that would love me like Ife did and so I took a chance. Worst decision ever.
You see Ife was amazing and the best partner a guy could dream of. I mean, we were good until I realised the fact that Ife had a better job and was earning more was an issue. Somehow it made me feel inadequate of being a real man. Yes, we were not married but somehow it still was a problem for me. Ife was buying things and handling our bills and that was too much for me. You might say it shouldn’t be a big deal but it was for me. Maybe it is because I didn’t grow up having a lot of money and somehow not having money makes me feel insecure.
Maybe I need to grow up.
So here I am 3 years later still hung on the one that got away. Maybe if I beg harder she will have me back.
“I think about you all the time Ife. I have tried to move on but I can’t. I am still in love with you.”
“That’s sweet David.”
Awkward pause.
 “Is that all?” I asked her. Now I was confused.
“What are you thinking is going to happen? That I will be waiting for you to get your act together?”
“I am not saying that but I was hoping for one more chance. Another chance to prove my love. A chance to show that I can be a stand-up guy.”
“It has been 3 years David. It is time to move on. I can’t get back together with you anymore”
“Why? You are done with my drama and my issues?” I had to know.
“I just can’t. I am in a different place right now”
I looked at the one I once loved. She was different and it was obvious she was done with me.
“It’s cool. I understand” I said in a soft tone.
“OK then. I have meeting in 30 minutes. It was nice catching up.”
Ife stood up and gave me a side hug and walked out of the restaurant. It felt like she took a piece of me and there was no chance of ever getting it back.
I messed up big time. Now the question is, who is going to love me now?

6 thoughts on “Short Story: Who is going to Love me now?

  1. Davids next Love should be the man he sees in his mirror, himself!. Only then can he be ready for his next greatest love ❤️

  2. Some people are gone and gone forever. David’s best option is to love himself so much to stop letting unavailable love be his focus.
    Nice story.

  3. Someone will, but he has to make himself lovable by loving himself (self love is the greatest kind of love and it’s very attractive)

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