Short Story: Zero F**ks Given!

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Hey guys!

I have another short story and it was inspired by an experience of a close friend. I would love to read your comments after this story is done so please try and comment.


I was in the middle of work when Alero’s call came in. Why was she still calling me? My tolerance for bullshit is at the minimum and I was not in the mood. Still, I picked the call before person go carry my gist say I dey act like pikin. 

“Hi Alero.”

“Temisan. How you dey?

“Good. Thanks.”

You don hear?

Hear wetin?

Ha! Dem no tell you?

Tell me wetin?

I don born!

I looked at my phone to be sure this was actually happening. I mean, she no dey fear at all oh! Maybe I should give you the back story so you can understand why I cannot comprehend this fuckery.

Alero and I met in university. We were in the same Christian Fellowship and we became leaders in our 100 level. She was the only one that understood my radical thoughts on Jesus Christ and the faith so it was only normal for our friendship to evolve into a committed relationship.

We started dating from 200 level and everyone was sure that we were the real deal. Our families met and it felt like I had found the one. Sure we fought like every other couple but we found a way to deal with our issues.

After our University education, I moved to Lagos and she remained in Delta. That was a difficult time in our relationship but I found a way to make it easy for both of us. I had a good job and I took regular trips home. I tried all I could to get Alero a job in Lagos but it didn’t work out. Eventually, we were able to get a job for her in Abuja. I flew to Delta to help her prep for her big move and also accompanied her to Abuja. I had to make sure she was comfortable and well taken care of.

Alero told me that she had never met a guy like me. Someone who will love till the end. She told me she would love me till she takes her last breath. It was that moment I knew she was the one for me. We had the marriage talk and she said once she works out her transfer to Lagos, we can start talking marriage.

A few months passed and I had to travel to the United States for a 6 month course in Advertising. Even though it would have paid me to leave from Lagos, I decided I had to leave from Abuja. I was going to go a  while without seeing the love of my life and I knew I had to go make plans for our future.

I got to Abuja and Alero came to pick me up in a fancy car. I wondered how she got it and she told me her office gave it to her. We went to her house and after a sumptuous meal (Jollof rice and chicken. My fave!!!), we had amazing sex. The next day, I was on my way out of the country to chase my American certificate.

Two months into my stay in the United States, I called Alero for our regular conversations. It was then she broke the news to me that she was pregnant. I was already excited until she told me that she was three months gone and that the child wasn’t for me. She added that I deserved to know because of our history. She added that the car she came to pick me up with is for the father of her child.

I was dumbfounded. How can a human being be so unreasonable? How can someone be so inconsiderate? I could not understand how she didn’t have the decency to tell me she was pregnant in the first place. Even after I went all the way to Abuja. Even after we had sex. What kind of wickedness is that? Imagine if I didn’t call her, I won’t have known that she was even pregnant. She was just going about her business like everything was alright. Three months after I got her wedding invitation in my email. I didn’t even bother keeping it as I moved it to the trash immediately.

“Temisan! Temisan!!”

Alero’s voice brought me back to the present.

“Alero, you don dey craze abi?

“Temisan! What is this rubbish? Abeg I did not call you for you to insult me oh”

“I think you did. Yanga dey sleep. Trouble go wake am! You don mad finish!”

“Be careful with your words. Considering our history I only thought-“

“Oh now you can think abi? Where was your brain when you were cheating upandan?! Where did your brain disappear to when you couldn’t even tell me you were carrying another man’s child? You are evil oh!!!”

“It is not your fault Temisan! I blame myself to think that we can be friends”

“Take your friendship and shove it up your slutty ass. Rubbish! And you better not call my phone again.”

The way I hit that end button eh, I don’t have time abeg!

Zero Fucks Given!

6 thoughts on “Short Story: Zero F**ks Given!

  1. Alero is a winsh. No iota of remorse whatsoever! KMT. Do a sequel and let’s find out if the father of the child leaves her cheating butt!

  2. Some guts she has! nice piece. like the play with the use of pidgin and English. write-up was breezy. nicely put together.

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