Simi is a Thief in “Tiff”: My thoughts on the Music Video

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First of all, let me say that I am a General in the #SimiArmy
So everything I am going to say in this post is out of love and respect for Simi’s craft.
Just a few months after the release of her singles “Tiff” and “E No Go Funny”, Simi has released her very first music video under the X3M Music imprint. The video is for the single “Tiff” that was released to critical acclaim from the media and fans alike (Like Me!!!). Now, this video shows her in a completely different light (Simi looking hot!!!). Directed by Josh Clarke, it tells the story of a Jewel Thief and the Police Detective whose aim is to arrest her.
Simi Tiff Still
While the video is on point (good storytelling and nice concept) and the directing top notch, the video doesn’t exactly relate with the song. I mean, the song tells the story of a girl whose heart has been stolen by some guy not the other way round. For the music video, I would have expected a love story of some sort. It can be a classic love tale of boy meets girl and girl falls in love or better still girl falls in love with a bad guy who everyone knows is bad for her. The video would have been better if the guy was the thief and Simi the detective, at least then we will be able to relate the song to the video. Even the breakdown with the drums and the background singers wasn’t emphasised as I expected; I mean the “ole ole aji b’ ole” part would be so cool with some dancing and a bit more drama.

Still, Tiff is a good debut video for Simi and this video will introduce her music to a wider audience. Probably, if the video was shot by someone who actually understood the song, it would have come out better.


Check out the video below and remember, you are free to disagree with me.

One thought on “Simi is a Thief in “Tiff”: My thoughts on the Music Video

  1. Well said by Harry, weak expression of the message of the song, the police and thief setting, was expecting a little trado-infusion, cool video though. I must commend her voice, I’ve always admired Simi’s usage of her voice to show so much emotion.

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