#SpokenWord: Hear Me, See Me, Love Me

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So I got a chance to host a show organised by #RED called #LoveLetters. It was a music and poetry event aimed to raise money for the women and kids of the So Said home. The cause was so inspiring that I wrote a lil’ something for the cause. Enjoy!

Do you hear me?
I know my cries are cliche
And my voice is random
But still
Do you hear me?
My voice struggling to speak,
My mouths quivering from the pain,
I hope you can hear me.

Can you see me?
Walking with my baby behind my back,
I’m the “failure” and the “freak” you despise,
But still
Can you see me?
My skin crawling with infections
My baby trying to survive
I hope you can see me.

Can you love me?
Ragged and frail as I am
Hands stretched out hoping for a dime
But still can you love me
Lips chipped from the hideous cold
Helpless and worn out from the pain
I need you to love me

So even as you smile for the camera,
And bring your gifts of Rice and Noodles,
Three things I ask of you…
Hear me, See me, Love me


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