Still On That Scandal Thing: A Semi Recap of Boom Goes The Dynamite (S2Ep15)

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NOTE: This is not a regular thing. I will not always be writing reviews for Scandal lol (I think)


You know how I said last week that the last episode was a bit slow? Well, the pace is back and I love it. After watching this episode, I had a conversation with one of my friends and this was her verdict “Fitz is an olodo“.


Well that’s the summary of Thursday’s episode, Fitz is an Olodo (and Huck stinks). With that, I’ll get into my thoughts on the episode.


1. I love me some paranoid David Rosen. Thing is, he feels someone is following him in the College were he lectures so he goes over to Pope and Associates for help. Huck is the designated security for Rosen. At least, with Huck as your security, you should be able to sleep well at night? right? Still I wonder, Rosen was a DA before the issue with Defiance. I would expect a certain level of composure from him but he is acting like a frightened baby. Oh Well


2. I love Jake and Olivia together. It turns out he is not creepy after all as he was instructed by Fitz to monitor her. Seriously? I am worried for Fitz. Anyways, I feel Jake and Olivia will start something soon and I like the way the Scandal Writers are building the relationship between the two of them. Let’s just pray he is not having sex with her come March 21st (That’s when episode 16 is gonna air).


3. Huck Stinks! Dude hasn’t showered in days. Due to the torture he experienced while held at the Pentagon over the shooting, he can’t shower or go out in the rain. I feel so bad for him. He claims he ‘ll be fine but I feel his colleagues should help him out. I love what Harrison told Abby when he was asking her if she had told Huck to shower. She told him she feels something might be wrong with Huck and Harrison says “He’s Huck. There’s something very wrong with him. Doesn’t give him a pass on hygiene” Totally true if you ask me.


4. Pope and Associates are helping out the Caldwell’s this week. Will Caldwell is about to run for Governor of North Carolina and he has all the qualities… except that he is single. The task for Pope and Associates is to find Will a fake girlfriend. Didn’t really care much about this story line until… I’ll get back to it


SIDEBAR: I know the job of an actress is to make us believe the character she is playing is real but Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope so awesomely well. As I watched this week’s episode, I tired to imagine a few black actresses as Olivia Pope. A few names came to my mind but I don’t think anyone can play Olivia Pope the way Kerry does it. She totally owns the character (the way Sandra Oh owns Christina Yang) and that my friends, makes Ms. Washington BADASS!!!


5. David Rosen and Abby are having sex. Honestly, I am not surprised. This happens a lot in Shondaland. Ex-es always have sex after a bad breakup. Just didn’t expect it to be so soon. Oh well.


6. A footage of the terrorist group killing one of the hostages gets to Al Jazeera and soon spreads across TV Stations in the US. The nation is in panic and Cyrus tells Mellie they need to strike back and gives her good reason. Mellie tells Fitz and takes the credit for it. Cyrus finds out and is bummed. He goes over to Olivia for some counsel and she tells him to let Mellie be. She adds that when it comes to Fitz, Mellie will do anything and hurt herself in the process. Cyrus gets an idea, sets Mellie up and BOOM he is back in Fitz’s good books. You got served Mellie! :p


7. We meet Molly. Turns out she is Wendy’s best friend and the one that has been stalking David. She claims she has an idea on who killed Wendy.




8. Back to the Caldwells, they are having a gala and Fitz is the keynote speaker. On her way to the gala, Harrison calls Olivia to tell her that the DC Dish had gotten the scoop that Will had an audition to get the perfect girlfriend. Harrison goes over to the Dish to try and sort it out and he finds out that someone in the family tipped the paper. Meanwhile, Fitz and Liv lock eyes at the gala and Olivia automatically has the face she always has whenever Fitz is around. After his speech, Jake calls Liv and then starts to sweet talk her as she grins from ear to ear.  Fitz notices this and is pretty pissed. I don’t understand him oh. Dude is confused. Anyways, after Jake’s call, Harrison calls to inform Liv that the source was in the family and Liv puts two and two together and realizes that the source was Will’s sister in law. She goes outside just in time to see them share a kiss. She meets him and lets him know she is on to him. He starts a speech on how he loves his sister in law and has always loved her since he first saw her and how their secret affair is all he has. (This is where it gets good and this is why I understand the reason for the Caldwell story line). Olivia responds and I must add that this is my favourite part of the episode. This is what she says:

“You have nothing. You have a pile of secrets and lies, and you’re calling it love. And in the meantime you’re letting your whole life pass you by while they raise children and celebrate anniversaries and grow old together. (She has her crying face here lol)  You’re frozen in time. You’re holding your breath. You’re a statue waiting for something that’s never going to happen. Living for stolen moments in hotel hallways and coat closets and you keep telling yourself they all add up to something real because in your mind they have to but they don’t. They won’t. They never will. Because stolen moments aren’t a life. So you have nothing. You have no one. End it now.”

I actually clapped when she said this. I think Olivia Pope is moving on. And I am happy for that.


9. It turns out the mole is the CIA director. Molly confirmed it to Olivia and her team after seeing him on TV. Also, Huck was able to access some of the files that were on the flash. Turns out it was information on the hostages. The question is what will Olivia do with the information she has. I feel she should let David save the day so he can get his life back.

10. The final scene in this episode is  between Jake and Fitz. While in an earlier scene, the two exchanged pleasantries and all, this time, Fitz put on his presidential cap and demanded to know if Olivia was seeing someone and Jake says no.
That last scene was pretty intense. Fitz looks like he can kill for Olivia. Some might find it romantic. I feel he should get over it. You can’t break up with someone and expect the person to spend the rest of her life crying over you while you move on with your life. That is just selfish. But still, love could be selfish.
It was a pretty awesome episode. The pace was there. The story line was in tact and it left us asking what next? The next episode of Scandal is on the 21st of March so till then, our fingers are crossed. I pray that the Scandal writers blow us away with the next episode.
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9 thoughts on “Still On That Scandal Thing: A Semi Recap of Boom Goes The Dynamite (S2Ep15)

  1. Hold up! 21st of March? Whyyyyyy?!
    This episode was good, had me calling one of my fellow addicted friends during each commercial break. I also thought the Caldwell scene was so random and wondered where it was going until the last part. Deep!
    Stinking Huck, Quinn’s reaction was hilarious.
    Abby and David, *rme* … Next!
    Team Jake and Olivia, I say amen to that! But while I don’t see it lasting, I’ll just take a back seat and enjoy where Shonda’s taking us with this.

  2. The fact that Olivia Pope in that Escada white dress at the Caldwells gala didn’t not get a segment on this post bothers me. Her body and strut in it is the highlight of Black History Month. Come on Harry.

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