Still On That Scandal Thing: A Semi Recap of Top Of The Hour (S2Ep16) #Scandal

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So I know I always announce that this is not a weekly habit… ummm… It still is not. I just had to write. I mean, for FOUR WEEKS, Shonda Rhimes left us Scandal-less. Don’t judge me please, I pride myself as Nigeria’s No.1 Gladiator. Anyways, thank God Scandal is back and trust me… this episode rocked even though as I watched the episode I just kept screaming “BRING OUT DAVID ROSEN!!!”What I loved the most about this episode were the lines. Like seriously??? The Scandal Writers are on point with the words. I am totally impressed. An example is this line

QUINN: You are good at this. Stalking people.

HUCK: You’ll get there

Anyways… To my thoughts and observations

1. Fitz is pissing me off!!! I am tired of his whining and all. This just shows he has esteem issues. Issues that he needs to sort out FAST!!! I still don’t feel bad about the way he is shutting Mellie out but I know she’ll device a plan to get him. She always does.


2. The phone conversation between Olivia and Cyrus is the best phone conversation ever!!! I mean she starts by telling him “I will not be responsible for an untimely heart attack, Take a breath!”  and before we know it Olivia is telling him “I’m apolitical you know that” and Cyrus replies “Is your vagina apolitical?” SCANDAL WRITERS!!! Na wa oh!!! Amazing!  But for real, it is good to see Olivia and Cyrus bickering at each other again. I have missed that for so long.


3. Huck and Quinn have been stalking the CIA director and it seems that Quinn is learning pretty fast. I am kind of worried for her though because at the end of this episode her cover is blown which is not good for her. Anyways, I love how their relationship is evolving and how Quinn is moving from damaged chic to a mini-Huck.


4. It’s official, I am ruined! Now let me keep you up to speed about whats been going on. Verna’s spot on the Supreme Court bench is up for grabs and there is a nominee, Murray Randall. Thing is, word came out that he had an affair with a married woman, Sarah Stanner. Olivia is representing Sarah which is somewhat strange as we would expect her to represent Randall who is Cyrus’ guy. (You can understand the vagina slurs now abi?). Anyways, the case gets complicated and Sarah’s husband finds out that the affair was not a one time thing and he asks for a paternity test. During the heat of their argument, Fitz calls Olivia…


You ruined me


Yep! That was why he called her. To break her heart the more. I know, the (very brilliant) Scandal writers will find a way to get these two back together but for real, this is sad. After the call, Olivia and Sarah have a heart to heart conversation. Did I mention that it was Lisa Edelstein from “House” that played Sarah? Anyways, she did a brilliant job and as she spoke about how she ruined her family, Olivia could totally relate to what she was going through. Olivia tells her “You can’t change the choice you made, all you can do is not let it ruin you.” I also loved how when Sarah asked what happens when her husband doesn’t forgive her, Olivia answered by saying “You forgive yourself’… Am I the only that gets life lessons from Scandal?


5. Jake… Oh Jake… *sigh*. As everyone knows, I have been rooting for Olivia and Jake. Now, I am not so sure. So here’s what happened. Olivia gives Jake the information Huck was able to retrieve from Wendy’s flash drive. She tells him she can’t go to the White House with it but that he has to do something about it. He checks it out and realizes that the content is a big deal. He comes to meet her at Sarah’s house to confirm the authenticity of what she gave him (Didn’t get that though. Why not meet at a secret spot. I mean this is an issue of national security). Anyways, Olivia says its legit but before he leaves, a photographer takes a picture of  Olivia and him. Fast forward a bit, Jake gives the information to the President and saves the day. That’s a perfect story right? Well, Jake went over to the photographer’s house and tried to get the camera that had the picture of he and Olivia. In the midst of a scuffle with the photographer, our perfect Jake kills the guy. I understand why he had to get the pictures but to kill the guy? How is he sure the guy had not already taken the pictures to the press? I expected more from Jake and I was disappointed.


6. I love when Olivia gives her speeches. It can make a terrorist reconsider taking innocent lives. OK that went too far. But it sure made Sarah’s husband tear the result of the paternity test. I loved how their story ended. It showed the man really loved his wife and daughter.


7. The show mirrored the lives of journalists. We will do anything for a story. We are ready at the “Top Of The Hour” to give an up to date account of a breaking or developing story. Plus, wherever the news is, we are there, with our cameras and mics ready to talk.


8. I am worried for Quinn. Quinn Perkins has had so much drama over the years. I just hope she doesn’t get hurt.


I think this week’s episode was on point in every aspect. It was a good comeback episode from a very long hiatus. I also loved that Abby and Harrison have worked out their differences. Plus I love when they work together, they make a badass team.


I love Scandal and I am looking forward to next week’s episode .


I also can’t wait to read your comments


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6 thoughts on “Still On That Scandal Thing: A Semi Recap of Top Of The Hour (S2Ep16) #Scandal

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harry I hate u for getting that mag in the mail. Anyway I cant get over Cyrus’ line “is ur v apolitical”. I mean Cy is all gangsta right now. But seriously, Olivia gives real life lessons. But u know what I told myself yesterday? Its amazing how we’re all on Team Olitz when infact adultery is still a sin and we shouldn’t. But am sorry, for TEAM OLITZ, i’d rather be emotional than rational. Anyday Anytime. That’s right “BURN!! TEAM OLITZ”

    1. LOL!!! Cyrus is just a crazy guy. Maybe that’s why we like him so much. Right now, I am not on any team because its looking like Olivia deserves someone who is better than Fitz. He is just so annoying right now

  2. great episode. My wife was on my case to download it. Fitz is an ode. all this pretense, trying to make Olivia feel bad when he knows deep down he loves her. Quinn, i wonder how she gets out of the CIA directors wahala. Till the next episode

  3. Truth be told, I want Liv to meet someone great and have a happy ever after but we all know its Shonda and that probably wont happen until the end of the show. I’mm seriously praying for Quinn/Lindsey.
    As for Fitz, hmmmm he’s hurt so i’ve cut him slackssssss. Lemme just restate that I have never liked Capt Jake Ballard (Creepy McCreepski). What fun would it be if Fitz just forgives Olivia without the drama? Am guessing not much.

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