harry | EP 31 | Should you go watch the new Nigerian film, June?

June is a brand new Nigerian film starring Michelle Dede, Vector, Empress Njamah and Uche Jombo. On this episode, I give a recommendation and ask you if you should see it.

Check it out, comment and share.

Also, YouTube is going to remove my ability to monetize my content if I do not have up to 1000 subscribers by the 20th of February so it would mean a lot if you subscribe.

Remember, let’s work together in 2018

harry | EP 28 | Let’s talk 2018 (with Foladele Ngadi)

It is a new year and this is my first vlog for 2018!!!!

But as always I could not do this alone; I had to do it with my bestie for days and regular on the vlog, Foladele.

Enjoy as we discuss what we are leaving in 2017 and our plans for 2018.

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