The 2016 Harry Itie Birthday Post

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I made it a tradition to always blog on my birthday. Every year, I will get on and write something inspiring or empowering and be enthusiastic about the future. I will talk about the past year and reveal my hopes for the new year.

So here I am again.

Happy birthday to me.

Thing is today I don’t want to look back on the past year. I feel blessed that I was able to make it through the year and I don’t want to write about the future because anything can happen.


Anything can happen. That is life. That is the reality of life. We have no idea what the future holds and to be honest, I am tired of planning and trying to see a big picture.

All I have now is hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Hope that someday my dreams will be my reality.

Tori Kelly says it best

I don’t really know my fate
I just know I’m on my way
There will be mistakes movin’ on
Try to get to the heart of it
Fly low but lookin’ for Heaven
I know, I know I’m holding on

Won’t figure everything out
Never figure everything everything everything out

City dove, fly between the buildings and fences
Soft inside but rough on the edges
Waiting here for something to come just holdin’ on
City dove, fly between the stars and the headlights
Passin’ by the clouds and the street signs
Knowing that there’s something to come, just holdin’ on

(City Dove, 2015)

Happy Birthday to ME!

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